Chapter 47

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One more chapter before it ends, but i might a little extra, like say a glimpse of something *wiggles brows* Bwa ha ha ha!

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Chapter 47

(Alan's POV)

It's the day of the funeral.

I woke up pretty early, but that's due to the many nightmares that have grown worse every time I close my eyes and fall asleep. Maybe it's my guilt, or just this house, or maybe even both. All I know is, my nightmares are a lot worse compared to the ones with Shadow Man, aka James, and Lucas. Sometimes i'm too petrified to go to sleep, or I throw up when i'm awake. There are other times where I wake up screaming in terror, or crying my heart out. Smores has been snuggling with me everyday, sensing my distress. At least he's here. And Sarah.

I dressed up in a black suit and tie, my hair tied up in a ponytail. I was too tired to even do anything, but I still forced myself to get out of bed and brush my teeth. I even took a shower to wake myself up more. It worked, but only a little bit. I'm still almost dead on my feet.

Sarah waited for me downstairs with breakfast. I didn't want to eat, but she glared at me until I finally picked up a piece of toast and nibbled on the edge. Satisfied that I was eating, she drank her coffee and read the local newspaper, which really does not have anything interesting in it considering this is a small town. Nothing actually happens in a small town.

Sarah drove in her rental car to the burial site, the cemetery where my mom and dad are buried. It was a quiet drive. I didn't really want to say anything, so I stared out the window and lost myself in my own dark thoughts. These thoughts, I will never speak of to anyone. If I act perfectly, then therapy won't be a problem. Just act natural and pretend that i'm doing fine. Perfect.

I sighed and watched as houses and establishments passed by as we drove at a dangerous speed to the funeral, trying to get there earlier than everyone else to greet them and thank them for being there. We didn't invite Aunt Claire's parents nor any of my relatives since they did disown her and tried to take money off of me when my parents died. If anything, they're not welcome and will be kicked out if they are seen. Heck, I will kick them out for soiling Aunt Claire's funeral just by breathing in the very air I am in. I won't let them ruin it.

As we drove, I kept getting flashbacks of the times I was Aunt Claire.

(Flashback 1)

5 years 8 months ago

"Alan, this is your new home," a younger Aunt Claire told me with a bright smile.

We just back from the courthouse to get the papers signed for my adoption. All of my things, what was necessary to bring from my old house, was now stacked in boxes all around the apartment. The place was sparse except for the boxes from the both of us. Aunt Claire just bought the apartment with the money she saved up from the numerous part time jobs during high school and the money she got from inheritance when one of her relatives passed away.

My new home's in New York City. I've been here once when my dad was on a business trip and decided to take me along. That was when I was only around six. I don't really remember the trip, but all I knew was that it was pretty interesting, especially when he brought out to Times Square and bought me a whole ton of things, even though I didn't ask for most of it. One glance, and he would buy it for me, no matter how many times I tell him that he doesn't need to buy it. I stopped telling him when he brought me to the sixth store and bought me a pikachu hat. He wouldn't listen so I let him do whatever he wanted. I miss him and mom so much.

I tentatively stepped into the apartment and looked around. It's pretty big and clean. There's a fire escape that I instantly picked as my alone space. There wasn't any furniture, all except for the counter by the open kitchen and cabinets nailed to the wall. The walls are white with a new coat of paint, from the stinging smell filling my nose. There are four doors, each a wooden brown.

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