Chapter 8

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Dedicating this to kanisslerman16 for writing the first ever werewolf story i ever fell in love with on wattpad.

Chapter 8

(Chase’s POV)

I feel like crap.

I sighed as I threw my dirty gym clothes into my locker, not bothering to take a shower. What’s the point when I have practice later? Makes me feel stupid for even asking Alan out after school. How can I forget I have practice? Oh yeah, I was thinking about how to screw him and I wanted to know more about him.

I slipped on my clothes, put my cell phone in my jeans pocket, slung my backpack over my shoulder, and slammed the locker door closed. When I saw Alan in the bathroom right when I was done fucking Amanda, I felt guilty and that’s stupid. What do I need to feel guilty for? It’s not as if we’re together or anything.

As for Amanda and I, the sex was good, but I wasn’t as into it as I thought it would. It help with my little problem, until I saw Alan in the bathroom, looking all small and frightened, like a small animal caught in the headlights.

Am I a bad person to stare at Alan’s ass when he ran out of the bathroom like someone was chasing him with a knife? And boy was Alan’s ass fiiine…

Crap, mini me’s feeling happy again. Having sex with Amanda didn‘t help at all. No, I won’t ever fuck her again, especially when she was such a rude bitch to Alan. God, I wanted to slap her in the face, watch her head snap back from the impact with glee, but of course, it’s a bad thing for a guy to hit a girl, no matter how much that guy wants to. The weirdest thing of all is why do I care so much about what people say about Alan? Yeah, I’m interested in him, but I never had the urge to protect someone before.

I sighed. Might as well go to the bathroom to relieve myself again, then find Alan or someone to pass a message to Alan about our change in plans. I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t show up anyways, but I still want to give him the message just in case if he is waiting for me.

I went into the school building and went straight to the bathroom, not bothering to look at what‘s in front of me. That was when I was hit by a missile, knocking me down from the impact. I felt my back collide with the floor, sliding down from the force, and realized it wasn’t a missile that hit me, but a person. Well of course it’s a person you dumb ass, who the hell brings missiles to school?

I heard a clatter, then the person groaning right on top of me, his whole body lying on mine, so I knew it was a boy, a small boy. Since our bodies are touching each other, I can tell when the person froze. Is he badly hurt or something?

I grunted as I lifted my head enough to see the person who tackled me and froze. A beautiful boy with messy silver hair that people call ’platinum blond’ framed his frail, delicate face and sinful, yet familiar lips was the first thing I saw first. His eyes were big, with the purest of blue mixed with flecks of gold, reminding me of the sun on a clear blue sky. His face was that of a girl, but he looks way more cuter than a girl, more of an angel sent from heaven. I was mesmerized, captivated from the beauty in front of me. Then it suddenly hit me.

Holy shit, it’s Alan.

No wonder why those lips are familiar. I have been fantasizing about them all day, trying to erase them from my brain, but they always came back, and in more explicit detail that’ll leave the most dirtiest porn to shame.

I just can’t stop staring at his face. The way his pale smooth skin and long eyelashes over his eyes gave him an innocent, pure look. Yeah, and whose tarnishing it with impure thoughts? Oh, oh, ME.

My body went into full on horny mode, my hands itching to rip off his clothes and take him right here. I can imagine him riding me, his hips moving on his own as his innocent face turned sinful and flushed in pleasure. Mini me’s eager to go all in, causing a lot of discomfort in my jeans. Why the hell did I ever think that he’s not my type? He’s GORGEOUS.

Alan abruptly scrambled off of me, scurrying towards something on the floor. Oh, it’s his glasses. He pushed them back on, but his hair was still not covering all of his face like before, so when he put them on, it made him look nerdy, but in a cute way.

Now images of him lying on a table full of scattered papers as I pounded into him formed in my head. God damn it, it’s like I’ve been abstaining from sex for years. I groaned in agony.

Shaking my head, trying to shake the images out of my head, I got up. My back felt a bit weird so I leaned back a bit and felt my spine give a satisfied crack. Yeah, that’s the stuff. I grabbed my bag from the floor and my cell phone, which flew pretty far by a row of lockers. I examined it to see if there were any cracks, but doesn’t really matter because I’m going to get a new one anyways.

My jeans feel really tight at the moment. Fuck, I need to jack off or suffer the worst boner in my life. I glanced around and found Alan standing right behind me, his head down. His eyelashes blocked off his eyes.

“Umm….” Alan said nervously. His voice is high, and it suits him. It’s innocent like a child’s and it’s really nice, pure. “Sorry.” His eyes looked up at me, his head still down, and it was the cutest and most innocent thing I’ve ever seen. Then he quickly turned and ran away at a speed that amazed me. He’s really fast. No wonder why he was able to knock me down with that body of his.

Alan spiked my interest more. Why does he hide his face? Why is he so shy? Who or what made him that way? Why was he so afraid of people? Why does he hate touching people and vice versa? Who is Alan? Why did he move here, to this small town?

I guess I have to go to my old friend to help me with that, but first, time to fix the problem in my pants.

Damn teenage hormones.

(Alan’s POV)

Oh god, he saw my face. Now he knows how ugly I am.

I ran down the halls, dodging people along the way without touching them, and burst through the entrance. I can hear the rhythm of my shoes against the pavement, concentrating on that one sound to calm myself down. Think about something else.

Okay, so today wasn’t so bad. I was late for school, skipped first period, gained the attention of the three most popular people, screamed in front of those said people, had weird naughty thoughts about Chase, found Chase in boys bathroom having sex with a girl, get depressed from seeing Chase having sex with a girl, ran away from James when he wanted to hang out with me after school, crashed into Chase, let Chase see my hideous face, and ran away once again. Great. Not.

I mentally face palmed myself. What a horrible day, and it’s not even over yet. At least I don’t have to go to school for the rest of the day.

If I remember correctly, the grocery store right over….. Here. I stopped in front of a small shop with fresh fruit and veggies were displayed outside on shelves and a sign on top that read ‘Farmer’s Fresh’. A huge window showed what the inside looked like, full of shelves of products and baskets of more fruits and veggies. A row of glass frigates displayed cartons and gallons of milk, eggs, cheese, water bottles, and other items.

Stepping into the shop, I was hit with a wave of memories. I used to always come here with my mom to buy things to cook later. A memory when I was five sucked me into a flashback.


It was a nice sunny day, a good 80 degrees, perfect for going out to buy groceries. I held onto my mom’s hand as we walked on the street, holding onto the arm of my teddy bear with my other hand. I smelled something nice. Momma always smelled nice, like flowers and sweet stuff.

“Momma, where are we going?” I asked her.

“We’re going to the grocery store to buy things so I make you some yummy food when we go home.” My mom said, her hair shining in the sun.

I have my daddy’s hair and my momma’s face. My eyes came from granny on daddy’s side. I don’t like her. She’s mean and scary. She’s always yelling with daddy when she comes over or when we go to her house. I don’t her house too. It’s old and icky and auntie and uncle are scary. My cousins won’t play with me, saying I’m stupid and a girl. I’m not a girl. I’m a boy, a good, beautiful boy, momma and daddy always says that to me.

“Yay! Can I help momma cook again?” I love cooking with momma. It’s magic and I want some magic too.

She ruffled my head. “Sure thing honey. You are such a good boy.”

I beamed at her, showing her my white baby teeth from how big my smile is. I’m a good boy, momma said I’m a good boy. Yay!

We stepped into the grocery store where a lot of squares and circley stuff were on big shelves. I stared in awe and excitement. There’s a lot of cool stuff in here. I can see apples, carrots, brocolli, bananas, milk and lots of other neat stuff.

Momma got herself a basket. When did she get a basket? I want one.

“Momma, I want a basket too.” I said, tugging on her arm.

She looked down at me, amused. “Okay honey.” She grabbed a small basket and handed it to me. “Here you go.”

I was about to grab it eagerly, but I had teddy in my hands too. I want the basket, but I don’t want to let go of teddy.

Momma saw my dilemma, so she took teddy, then put him in her purse. “There, now teddy can ride in purse.”

I nodded my head. “Yeah! Thanks momma.”

“You’re welcome,  now let’s go get what we need on this list.” She read the list out loud as we looked for the items, putting the items into our baskets. I got the smaller stuff, like the butter and crackers.

When we finished with the list, we walked to the register where Mrs. Wilson, a lady with gray curly hair and red wrinkly cheeks stood. “Oh Sarah, how was your day? Out with Alan are you?”

Momma smiled, placing our baskets onto the table. “Yes it’s his first time going grocery shopping and Alan’s been a great help.”

Mrs. Wilson looked down at me and gave me such a sweet smile. “Hello Alan.”

I waved my hand at her, grinning happily from the praise I got from my momma for helping her. “Hi!”

Mrs. Wilson chuckled. “My you are such a cute boy.” She took a lollipop from a jar and gave it to me. “here you go honey. It’s a reward for helping your mommy with shopping.”

I grabbed it eagerly. “Thank you very much.” I said, then bowed my head, like what my daddy taught me when I’m really thankful to a person.

Mrs. Wilson laughed. “What a polite and sweet boy you have Sarah.” She checked out the items out while a man put them into paper bags. The man laughed with her.

Momma paid for the stuff and took the bags. “Thanks Eddie.” She said to the man. “Have a good day you two.”

I waved goodbye when momma and I went out of the store. Momma ruffled my head again. “Now whose ready to start cooking?”

I squealed in delight. “Me! Me! ME!”

She laughed as she took my hand, walking back home.

(End of Flashback)

Man, I miss those days where my mom and I would go out and buy groceries together, figuring out what to cook when we got back home. She taught me my love for cooking and when she died, she gave me all of her recipes,  recipes that she created herself when she wasn’t sculpting.

Tears began to form in my eyes. No, I will NOT cry, not in public. I rubbed my eyes, adjusted my hair so it’s covering my face again and went inside the shop. Wow, this place hasn’t changed a bit.

I let the knowledge of from five years ago guide me to the items that I need. Let’s see, eggs, butter, flour, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh honey. Sweet. I love how everything here’s organic, frown in Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s farm. I dunno where they get the honey, but all I know is that it’s really popular and it’s always fresh.

Mrs. Wilson sat by the register, not changing a bit. She still looks like the nice, sweet old lady from my memories. Even Eddie’s still there, bagging up items, although his hair’s a bit longer.

I placed the items onto the table an fished out my wallet, waiting to pay. I like to be prepared. It’s a habit I had to learn when you’re being chased by a psycho and his jock posse all over New York City. Yeah, you get my point.

Mrs. Wilson smiled politely at me. “Why hello there dearie. Haven’t seen you here before. Just moved in?”

I nodded. It’s not as if I feel threatened of her, but she’s still a stranger and people can change in five years. Yes I know. Paranoid much?

“Oh ho, a shy one aren’t you? Well, that’ll be $12.50.” The other reason why I love this place is that it’s cheap, really cheap.

I gave her the exact amount and went to get my purchases, which was all bagged up and ready to go.

Right when I was about to leave, I heard Mrs. Wilson call out “Excuse me Dearie.” I turned to look at her, curious. Did I forget something?

She gave me a confused look. “I know I’ve never seen you before. I don’t know why, but I feel as if I’ve met you somewhere. Have we met before?”

I looked at her sadly as memories of all the times Mrs. Wilson, mom, and I would just have a nice chat here by the cash register. You do know me, but I’m not the nice, sweet boy you knew. I shook my head, and with a sad smile, left the grocery store. Yeah, I know I’m a bit dramatic, but it feels as if the old me, the one she does know, is saying goodbye forever. The old me is dead and gone.

No need to make myself even more depressed. It’s not as if I won’t see her ever. I am living here once again and I have to shop for groceries. My aunt and I need to eat in order to survive. It’s not as we’re pokemon where in the games, they only need potions and some berries. Pssh, I need actual food.

Where should I go to next? Aunt Claire’s workplace or just go home? Well I don’t want to lug all of my stuff with me, but I still want to play with the animals. Animals…. so soft and warm and all so easy to understand.

Okay, I’ll just go home and drop off the stuff, then play with the animals. I can make dinner later, something fast and easy to eat today. Hmm, a salad with grated cheese, cherry tomatoes, and vegetable oil. Then we can eat the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. No soup for today. Okay, the menu has been decided.

I ran back home, breathing heavily when I arrived at the door. Dang these bags are heavy. I unlocked the door and placed the bags onto the kitchen counter, noticing that Aunt Claire’s DS is on the counter on sleep mode. I flipped it on just to see her in the middle of a pokemon battle. Figures.

I dropped off my bag, grabbed my keys, wallet, and cell phone, placed the groceries in the fridge, and left the house again, locking the door first.

Since I had nothing holding me back, I ran all the way to the vets at full speed, taking the shortcut through the forest, enjoying the wind in my face. Oh how I missed running for pleasure instead of pain and terror. I missed the freedom, the feeling of soaring through the forest, taking in the fresh smell of nature instead of toxic fumes, the soft dirt beneath my feet instead of concrete, the sounds of birds and bugs all around instead of cars and people. I leaped onto a fallen tree, then launched myself into the air before I landed on my feet, continuing to run.

Instinctively, I know that I will be visiting this place a lot like before, relieving the stress that I know I will be getting while I’m here.

Enigma sitting on top of a tree listening to ipod: Wow, look at that boy go.

Squirrel: Hey, whatcha doing?

Enigma: Holy Shiznit. The squirrel talks!

Enigma jumps off tree and run away in other direction.

Squirrel: What the hecks her problem?

Bird: Maybe it's a human thing.

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