Chapter 31

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Ehhh.. i'm not proud of this chapter, but i'm not disappointed.

Dedicating this to jpipkin for answering back to the message i sent her. It helped me a lot, let me think aobut my life and what i want to do about it. :)

(Alan’s POV)

    The faint sound of buzzing awoke me from my slumber. Groggy and stiff from sleeping so long, I pried my eyes opens, which were glued shut and only one eye opened. My eye sight was blurry, hazy images of human-like shapes taking form as my eyes adjusted to the bright room.

    Chase sat in a chair by my bed, sleeping. His soft snores echoed in the room, along with the beeping machinery and soft chatter outside in the halls. He seems so peaceful.

    Not wanting to wake him up, I lifted my hand closest to him and gently brushed my fingers in his hair. Even though he cut it short, it was soft beneath my fingers. My fingers moved to graze his forehead, smoothing out the wrinkles forming there.

    Chase mumbled, his eyes slowly blinking. His head swiveled, examining the room. When his eyes locked onto me, the sleepiness disappeared as he grabbed hold of my hand. “Alan, you’re awake. Are you okay?” He had circles under his eyes and his clothes were disheveled, him wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday. He looked horrible.

    I nodded, a small smile on my lips. My heart inflated when he came closer to me and brushed his lips against mine. I sighed happily and squeezed his hand. “You looke horrible.”

    Chase chuckled. “That’s what I get when searching four hours for your boyfriend, then staying by your side the entire time I barged into your room.”

    I blinked. He was looking for me? “Thank you.”

    Chase gave me a bewildered expression. “Why are you thanking me?”

    “Because you made an effort in looking for me.”

    “Not alone. Melissa, James, Cal and your Aunt Claire helped out with the search. Melissa’s brother texted her a few hours during the search where you were and we all broke traffic laws and maybe some other laws getting here.”

    Tears brimmed in my eyes. They did all that for me? They actually looked for me when I was missing?

    Startled, Chase rested his hand on my cheek, wiping the tears away. “Are you hurting? Should I call the nurse?”

    Unable to say anything at the moment, I shook my head and sighed, pressing my cheek more into his hand, trying to obtain more of his warmth. His body heat soothes me, and makes me tingle all over.

    Chase opened his mouth, ready to say something when the door opened. Aunt Claire, Cal, James, and Melissa strolled in. As their eyes saw my awakened form, they all rushed towards me, cheering happily and asking me multiple questions, so many that I couldn’t follow with my fuzzy brain. Melissa went to the other side and held other hand, gushing tears as she babbled random things I couldn’t follow. Something about silicon?

    Aunt Claire kissed my forehead, a teary smile on her lips. “Oh Ally Bear, I’m so happy you’re alright.” Then she glared at me. “Why didn’t you use the moves I taught you? You know I taught you all those moves so you won’t be in this position. At least put them in the hospital too!”

    I rolled my eyes. “But I would be like them.”

    Aunt Claire softened from my words. “But you’re not and I’m proud of you. You did good, injuring those bastards.”

    My eyes widened. “You know?”

    Cal stepped up. “I found four guys walking around after school. Three of them were injured. Two were more injured than one, who only had a bump on the head.” He smirked evilly. “I got the information out of them and don’t worry, they won’t be doing anything to you anymore.”

    Aunt Claire kissed Cal’s cheek. “Thanks. You saved me the trouble of breaking their bones and painting the walls with their blood.”

    James glanced at me, taking a step away from Aunt Claire. “Uhhh, she’s not serious is she?”

    I studied Aunt Claire. Her posture and easy smile showed her as relaxed and kidding, but the way her hands twitched, she’s very serious with the threat. I’m glad it was Cal who got those jock bullies. If Aunt Claire found them, there will be lawsuits and lots of metal plates to fix up the bones she broke with her bare hands. I shuddered, really glad she’s on my side. You would never believe that such a sweet woman would know how to shatter bone with one strike.

    I gave James what I think was a reassuring smile. “I hope not.”

    James grinned at me, and for some reason, my stomach began to churn. What the heck was that? I gently placed my hand on my stomach, but right when I touched my stomach, the churning stopped. Well that was odd. Maybe I’m just hungry. I haven’t eaten for some time. Just then, my tummy growled. I blushed as everyone laughed.

    Chase kissed my cheek. “Sounds like you’re hungry.”

    I hid my face with my hair and nodded.

    While we waited for the nurse, Melissa and Aunt Claire fussed over my every need, on every movement I make. Even when I just involuntarily twitch from a sudden twinge I get from one of my scars, they pounce on me like a lioness watching prey. Chase just sat there and kept stroking my hair, smiling every now and then with a far out look in his eyes. I wonder what he’s thinking about?

    The nurse came and fed me a smoothie since I just woken up and I haven’t eaten in some time. No need to rupture my stomach and retch out my innards until I break my already broken ribs again. I don’t want to go through that again.

    It’s nice having visitors. The people I’ve seen visiting me at the hospital was Aunt Claire and sometimes Sasha, a friend of Aunt Claire’s whose a designer for a gothic clothes line. She’s really nice and if I couldn’t reach Aunt Claire when she’s too busy, I would go to Sasha.

    Sasha’s clothesline is very popular and has been features in numerous fashion magazines. Some of her clothes can be found in other different magazines, even foreign ones like Japan. She first started in Japan, but it didn’t work out so well, so she went to America to see if she can score it big here, and succeeded. Now she has millions in cash and in fans. Of course, she would ask me to model sometimes for her while I was still in New York, but I refused. I wouldn’t want my face to be in a poster or magazine or in any picture that can go public in a blink of an eye.

    Sasha would call Aunt Claire and I sometimes, asking about how we were doing and if we needed any help. The best thing is, she really means it when she offers help. I don’t know how Aunt Claire met Sasha, but she was my second person I could trust while I was in New York. She’s a great person and some of the money she gets from her clothes, she donates them to a variety of charities. Of course, she researches those charities first to see if they are legit since she has this thing for fake charities and frauds. It came from watching and reading too many crime shows and books. Ever since she read this book that had to do with a serial killer who happens to be the boss of one of the charities, she’s been going all sorts of crazy when she donates.

    I was shocked out of my thoughts as the sudden jolt of Chase’s lips brushing mine. “I’m sorry, but we have to leave for today.”

    Everyone said their goodbyes and promised to visit the first chance they can get. Everyone filed out in a single line, but when Cal, the last one in line, was about to leave, he came back in and walked all the way to my bed, a grim expression on his face.

    Cal stopped just a few inches away from my bed and locked eyes with me. “Alan, I want you to break up with Chase.”

    Mouth now gaping open, I let my mind process that one sentence. Wait, what?

    Before I could say anything, Cal turned and went right back to the door. As he opened the door to step out, he paused, glancing back at me. His eyes were completely serious as he said, “Trust me on this.” With that last sentence, he left, quietly closing the door.

    I blinked, accessing Cal’s words and expressions. Why would he tell me to break up with Chase? Chase has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in the last five years. Heck, I’ve never been this happy for a long time. I almost forgot what it felt like to be this happy, this alive. Why would he want me to sever the ties of that happiness? I would have to be either crazy or just plain stupid to push away Chase. I mean, Chase would never hurt me and he loves me. I know it. I can see it in his eyes, the way he kisses me, touches me. He treats me with care and never purposely hurt me.

    I thought about Cal some more. From the way he spoke, it seemed like he knew something, but what? What is it that he’s hiding? Is something going to happen if I don’t break up with Chase? Or is it that Cal wants me to break up with Chase because he has feelings for me?

    I snorted at the thought. No way Cal would have any romantic feelings with me. I mean, he’s as straight as a pole. I’ve only ever seen him with girls and, although he doesn’t have anything against homosexuals, he would never go for a guy. He even said it one day during lunch. I think we were discussing something about songs from our youthful days. Someone brought up Nysync….

    Nevermind about that. Is Cal trying to break up Chase and I? But for what purpose and what would he get out of it? Is there something else going on that I don’t know about?

    I groaned, massaging my temples. The sudden appearance of a headache stopped my train of thought. I laid down and sighed, staring at the muted television the hospital provided for each room. The animated pictures of Spongebob moved around on the screen with Patrick trying to open a jar. Why couldn’t my life be ass simple as trying to figure out how to open a jar?


    Finally, I’m free from the confines of the hospital.

    Everyone came over to the hospital to congratulate me on my recovery and helped me into Aunt Claire’s car. She drove me home while the others followed behind us in their cars. I wasn’t off bed rest just yet, since I only stayed at the hospital for three days. Instead, I was going to be on bed rest in my own room for at least a week or two before I’m good enough to go back to school, not that I want to go back to school.

    Aunt Claire parked in front of the garage while the others parked along the sidewalk. Chase quickly got out of his car to help me out, well carry me out and up into the house. He even placed me in bed, where I reveled in my nice, comfy mattress and snuggled with my giant pikachu.

    They all stayed until it was late at night, all of us just hanging out in my room and doing random things. Melissa, James and Cal had to leave since they couldn’t stay over, saying goodnight and telling me that they were coming over soon to hang out again. I thought Cal would have acted strange around me after that little tidbit at the hospital, but he was all normal around everyone, even me. He acted as if he hadn’t said what he said, so I just let it go.

    Chase decided to stay over, even helped me bathe. He didn’t do anything erotic to me, which was good. He was careful with washing me, his soapy hands gently gliding on my skin. He sat naked with me, his cock poking my back, but he didn’t do anything but took care of me.

    After the bath, Aunt Claire came in to give me the painkillers Dr. Krentz told me to use to nullify the pain. He said these pills were a lot more effective and it lasts longer, but it does make the user drowsy. After giving me the pills, Dr. Krentz told me to visit him anytime and was happy to see me again.

    We laid on the bed, Chase close, but not enough to accidentally hurt me. His arm’s around my waist, his other entwined with mine, our fingers locked. He leaned over and kissed me goodnight.

    “G’night Chase. Love you.” I whispered sleepily, the painkillers taking effect. The pain dulled until it was only a vague tingle.

    I couldn’t see his face, but the moonlight shining from my window reflected from his teeth, providing me a glimpse of his smile. “Love you too.”

    I snuggled as close as I could get without disturbing my ribs and fell asleep, safe and warm in Chase’s arms, where I belong.


    The next week and a half was boring. So freaking boring. If it weren’t for pokemon and the random visits from people, I would have been going crazy from all the bed rest.

    Chase, Melissa, James and Cal visited me after school. Zack and his buddies came over to visit me a few times while the others were away. Aunt Claire would fuss around, taking care of me right when she came home from work. Smores would be with me all the time while everyone else was gone so I was never alone.

    I was itching to run, to loosen up as I sprinted around the woods for a few hours. Nothing beats a boring week like a nice, sweat-inducing, freestyle run inside a wooded area full of wild predators.

    Even though I was aloud to break free from bed rest, I was not allowed to do anything strenuous or sports related for another few weeks. It sucked to have broken ribs. I mean, seriously, I feel fine…. well that was a lie, but I’m better than I was a week and a half ago so that counts as something.

    Chase didn’t have time to pick me up today, since he had football practice so Aunt Claire drove me in his place. I was proud of myself for putting on my clothes all by myself, even though it hurt a lot. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from making noises of pain as I slipped on my black sweater and skinny jeans. I didn’t bother to wear anything underneath the sweater and it wasn’t all that cold outside so I guess I’ll be fine. I wrapped a scarf around my neck and slipped on some black and white checkered vans.

    Aunt Claire made lunch for me. She’s a good cook, but with her work schedule, she doesn’t have the time to cook, which is why I do it. I don’t mind at all. I love cooking. Even if she didn’t ask me, I would offer my services and do it anyways. She deserves to relieve herself of some of her duties and I want her life to be a lot less stressful. Tomorrow, I’ll take over cooking duty again, broken ribs or no.

    Aunt Claire packed my doctor’s note so I can sit out on P.E. for a few days. The funny is, I kind of like P.E. I love to do physical things. Sure, I study a lot and finish my work earlier than anyone in my class, but I love being outdoors, running, swimming, or playing out with my four legged or winged friends.

    I carefully made my way to class, discreetly placing an arm around my chest to protect my ribs. My eyes darted for any signs of danger. I don’t want to be sent back to the hospital again from some sort of accident or homophobic prick wanting to beat me up. When that happens, I won’t hold back anymore. I hate the use of violence, but when push comes to shove, I will have to use it in order to protect myself. Trust me, I know a lot of things on how to defend myself.

    I went to my first without incident, which was great, but this is only the start of school. I still have a few hours until I’m free and even then, something can happen. I have to be on constant alert, as to when I am by myself.

    Right when I sat in my seat, Chase came in, smiling and breathless. His hair was still dripping with the shower he must have taken right after practice. His cheeks were flushed from the workout he must have had, along with the bruises and scratches all over his body, from what is not covered by his clothes.

    His eyes scanned the room, searching for something. When they landed on me, he smile turned to a grin. He strode straight towards me, his eyes locked with mine. He looked amazing, full of life and energy, even from practice. I love it. I love how happy his is at the moment and seemed even happier when he spotted me.

    Chase dumped his bag and books on his side of the table, the clinking sounds of pens, pencils, and other items in his bag shifting and clashing against each other. He reached out with his now free arms towards me, to consume me in a soft embrace. The fresh, clean smell of soap mixed with his scent and his cologne, filled my nostrils. I took a deep breath and relaxed in his arms, enjoying the safe aura he created just by being there.

    Chase moved back a bit, freeing me from his embrace, only to wrap an arm around my shoulder. The soft pressure of his lips on my forehead sent tingles down my spine. “You feeling alright Alan?”

    I nodded. “Yeah.” My hand reached up to adjust my glasses, but I realized something: I’m not wearing them. How did I forget my glasses? Where did they go? Then it hit me; my glasses were crushed by hulk’s buddy’s shoe.

    It’s a good thing I always have spares at home, but how am I suppose to go through the day without my glasses? Sure, I have excellent vision, but I wear those glasses as a shield to prevent people form seeing my face. It’s my barrier, my armor.

    I sighed, my shoulders slumping. I guess I have to through the day without them. At least it isn’t a windy day or else the hair covering my face would fly all around, exposing me to everyone. Yes, I still have issues with my appearance.

    Chase tapped my shoulder, turning my attention to him. “Something wrong?”

    “I forgot my glasses,” I mumbled softly.

    Chase shrugged, gently squeezing my shoulder. “Do you have spares?”

    I nodded. “Yeah, but they’re at home.” My head ducked down a bit. I’m a lot more sensitive to people’s stares now that my glasses are gone.

    Chase was silent, his eyes glazed in thought. “Can you go without your glasses until lunch? I can drive you back to your house for you to pick them up,” He suggested.

    I shook my head. “That’s okay. I can live without my glasses for a day.” I bit my lip, hoping it’s true. I can deal without my glasses. I mean it’s only for a day.

    “You sure?”

    I placed my hand on top of his, the one on my shoulder, and squeezed. “I’m sure.”

    And boy was that true. The rest of the day, nothing happened, to my relief. No incidents, no winds to blow my hair back, exposing my face, no beat downs or accidental injuries, and Mr. Lassiter was caring when he told me to sit on the bleachers and rest during P.E.

    Chase drove me home, but he had to go back to school since there was practice after school. There was a game in a few weeks and coach wanted everything to be in top form, hence the extra practice until the day of the game. I wasn’t all that happy about it, but he promised me he will hang out with me when he has time and we always see each other at school so I shouldn’t complain. It’s not his fault.

    I was completely exhausted as I stepped into the house. My feet led me to the living room. I just dropped my bag somewhere on the floor and laid back on the comfy couch. My body instantly relaxed as the couch let me sink into its soft wonderfulness. It felt like lying on a cloud.

    I didn’t even know I fell asleep until I was startled awake from the sounds of a door slamming outside. I shot up from the couch, groaning in pain from the sudden movement since it jostled my broken ribs. I forgot to take my painkillers before I fell asleep.

    With shaky hands, I forced myself onto my feet and made my way towards the kitchen, pouring me a glass of water. I opened a cabinet where my pain killers were and took out two pills, popping them into my mouth before washing them down with the water.

    My eyes glanced up at the clock. Wow, it’s that late already and I forgot to make dinner. Just because I have broken ribs does not mean I can slack off. That’s not a good excuse. I don’t want Aunt Claire to think I’m a lazy freeloader.

    The front door slammed shut, the jingling sound of keys echoing into the kitchen. “I’m home!” Aunt Claire yelled. “Alan, where are you honey?”

    “I’m here,” I yelled back, wincing as pain shot out from my ribs. Bad idea to yell with broken ribs. The pain killers hadn’t kicked in yet.

    Aunt Claire walked right into the kitchen, her eyes widened as she found me trying to cook up some dinner. “What are you doing? You should be resting,” she scolded at me as she dragged me up the stairs, filling up the tub so I could take a bath. “I want you to take a bath and go to sleep. Don’t even think about having homework as an excuse because I know you finished it before you even got home.”

    I shut my mouth. She knows me so well.

    “Now strip, take a bath, and go to sleep. I’ll go get your pajamas. Did you take your pills yet?” She tested the water with her finger, nodding in approval.

    “I did. A few minutes before you came home.” The words were muffled as I pulled off my sweater.

    “Good.” Aunt Claire patted my bare shoulder as she got out of the bathroom.

    When the door shut, I pulled off my jeans and boxers, leaving them on the floor. My feet padded softly on the cold tile floor. I slid into the tub, sighing in bliss as hot water consumed my aching body from my chin to my toes.

    Aunt Claire came back with my pajamas and a fresh pair of boxers, to my embarrassment. “If you need any help, I’ll be right in the kitchen cooking up some dinner.” She paused right by the door. “Are you hungry?”

    I shook my head. “No.”

    Aunt Claire stared at me to see if I’m telling the truth. With a nod, showing that she believed me, she left, shutting the door behind her.

    I sank into the tub, just laying there. My eyes closed, letting my other senses spread wide and become more sensitive to my surrounding, causing my bath to be a lot more enjoyable. In the end, I had to wash myself, then rinse before the hot water turned cold. I don’t want to sick on top of my injuries. No need to let myself suffer more.

    I rubbed myself dry with a towel in one arm while the other reached into the tub to flip the switch so the water would drain. A few minutes of putting on my pjs, I brushed my teeth and went straight to the bed. The heavy weight of my eyelids and the slight tingle of what used to be pain informed me that the painkillers are finally sinking in.

    My phone buzzed on the table. I went over and picked it up, plopping myself on my bed as I checked phone. A missed call from Cal. Wonder why he’s calling?

    The phone rang again, startling me a bit. Why would he be calling me so late at night? It’s 11:13 for muk’s sake.

    I clicked the send button and answered. “Cal?”

    “Why didn’t you break up with Chase like I told you to do?” He asked me, his tone tired and a bit irritated. He tried to cover it, but I know irritation when I hear it.

    “Why should I break up with Chase?” I mumbled angrily, getting very drowsy. Oh boy. I hope I don’t sleep while I’m still on the phone.

    “You just have to.” I heard him sigh. “Look, I know you’re wondering why I want you to break up with him, especially since I’m his best friend and all, but you got to believe me,” he pleaded.

    “Is there a reason why I should break up with Chase?” I asked, my eyes blinking slowly. My vision began to fuzz a bit.

    “I can’t tell you, but trust me, you have to do it before it’s too late.” The tone dial came up. He hung up on me.

    I was too sleepy to even think about what Cal said, my hand holding my cell phone flopped onto the mattress. I yawned, my mouth stretching wide as I let out a big one. I snuggled into my blankets and pillows, falling soundly asleep.

    I’ll think about everything tomorrow.

Eni twirls hair on finger, snapping gum in her mouth: Yah heard it. Something's going on.

Aunt Claire with broom: Get away from my house you dirty whore!

Eni gasps: Whore? Beetch, i birthed you and i'm still a virgin.

Aunt Claire: Nuh uh, i know who my mom is and you are not her.

Eni rolls eyes: Babe, i made her too. *throws smoke bomb and runs away*

Aunt Claire rubs eyes: Better stop having chunky monkey as a late night snack.....

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