Molly's Trance

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He came at me, about to kick my chin. I did another back flip off of the ground. When I landed, I stood up fully. I crossed my arms over my chest. He didn't wait to come at me again. This time, he aimed for my throat. I blocked it with my left forearm. I turned around to elbow his chest. 

I turned back around to kick him in the face again, but he was already bent down. I leaned down to reach his ear.

With my raspy, monstrous voice, I whispered, "Don't talk to her like that."

I raised back up, kneeing his nose. He fell backwards on the ground. I walked back over to Four, bumping (What would've been shoulders if I wasn't short) with Eric along the way.

"Anyway, listen up," Eric called all initiates over to him, ignoring what I did.

He walked over to the Scoreboard.

"Know what this is? It's your life. We grade you everyday, if you're still in the red by the end of the First Stage, you're out." Eric explained to the clueless kids.

"We only allow the best in Dauntless. So, if you see your name on here, you better get to work." Four simplified for the, still, clueless ones.

* Four Weeks Later *

"Again." Eric told the two girls to fight, again.

"Eric, I think that's enough." Four encountered his opinion.

"I'll say when it's enough."

Tris took another hit from Molly. I growled, silently. I pushed myself off of the railing of the stairs while Four gripped Eric's shoulder. I walked pass the boys, getting in between the girl. Initiates surrounded us, the boys watched me. I held my hand out to her. Unexpectedly, she grabbed my wrist, pushing me on the ground next to Tris.

"Initiate!" Eric shouted.

Anyone from a mile away could feel his anger. I growled, pushing myself off of the floor. Christina helped Tris move away from the ring, to the safe ground. Molly came at me once again when I stood up. She threw a punch, aiming for my mask. I ducked, tackling her larger form on the ground.

I was about to throw a punch for her disobedience, but someone pulled me off.

"Enough! You just got points off!" Eric shouted in her face, holding me behind his back.

One hand was behind him, on my waist. His face was red as fire and his words were cold like ice. Molly acted like she was pulled back from a trance when he was yelling at her. She looked down at me shocked and up at him, scared. I adjusted my almost fallen mask.

"We're done for the day." Eric growled, grabbing my wrist, harshly.

He pulled me up the stairs and into the shadowy part of the second-story room.

"Are you okay?" He asked me once we were alone.

"I thought you didn't care and didn't want anything to do with me?"

He growled, "Answer the goddamn question, (Y/N)."

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