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Slowly, I watched as Tris, the First Jumper, came back over from practicing with her friend. Then, the big girl that asked the question from earlier, Last Jumper. Damn. Good luck, Tris. They faced each other on the mat. Tris looked scared and worried, Molly looked amused and ready.

"How long do we fight for?" She asked Eric.

Slowly, I watched her eyes scan Eric's body. Hmm. He doesn't go for males, honey.

"Till one of you can't continue." Eric told her, amused with his picking.

He always loves this part.

"Or until one of you concedes." Four spoke up, getting beside Eric.

He cares about Tris; He's never spoken up like that before.

"According to the old rules. The new one: No One Concedes."

"You really want to lose them on their first fight?"

"A brave man never surrenders."

Four's eyes stayed on Tris, "Lucky for you, those weren't the rules when we fought."

Damn, Four. That's harsh.

"You'll be scored on this, so fight hard." Eric told them, ignoring Four's words like he had never even said them.

Both of the girls got into the Basic Fighting position.


The big girl moved towards Tris, but she backed up quicker. I went to the side of the ring, where she was, pushing her back in there. Once again, she backed up until her feet were on the ground, again. This time, she backed up against me, looking around at the initiates that surrounded her.

"Don't be scared, Stiff." The boy who insult Abnegation earlier, shouted from the crowd.

I snapped my head over at him, once again, pushing Tris back into the ring. I glared at him as he looked confused. I pushed her back onto the ring, only for her to get her ass beat.. horribly.

"You stupid, Stiff." I heard the boy mutter.

What the hell his is problem with her? Gently, I helped Tris off of the ground with her friend. I pointed behind the 'girl' that fought with Tris to move off of the Platform. Four and Eric watched me carefully. I got on the mat, facing the boy. I pointed towards the asshole, then pointed at the Mat.

Four chuckled, "Looks like you've made someone mad."

I glared at him as he brushed off the imaginary dirt, "Sorry, Sweetie. I don't fight cute, little girls that cover their face."

Oh, you don't? I shrugged, getting off of the mat. He smirked, staring down at me as I reached his much taller form. I jumped up, kicked his chest, hard. I, basically, pushed my foot off of his chest to kick his chin. I did a back flip off of his body, landing back onto the ground with my right knee touching it and my left, bent. I put one of my hands on the ground for balance.

The boy stumbled back, holding his bleeding lip.

"You bitch!" He shouted.

"Wrong choice of wording." Eric muttered.


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