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Soon, the door opened up, he walked in then me. As we waited, we were silent and patient. No one talked, no one even looked at each other. This is, actually, a rare day. Neither of us wanted to start the conversation, nor did we want to talk.

* BING ~! *

The doors opened, he didn't move to go first, so I went. Instead of going to the cafeteria, I went to The Entrance, awaiting Eric, Four, and some others to bring back the ones who wanted to become Dauntless. While waiting, I started to think of what these kids would look like.

* After Breakfast *

Four, some others, and I awaited the first to come jumping down while Max, Eric, and some others brought them to the roof. The first will gain more Dauntless points to become one of us. They faced their fears, willingly, so they get more points, even though it's not shown.

"What's your name?" I heard Four ask someone.

I looked over to see who he was talking to. A blond girl.

"Beatrice Prior." She stated, looking back at Four with wide, shocked eyes.

He smirked back at her, "You can change your name into anything you want, but make it wise, because you won't be able to have another change."

Their eyes just watched each other, interested. He was interested in her and she was highly interested in him. I can tell that much with them.

"Tris." She changed her birth name.

"Alright," He said, turning back around, "First Jumper, Tris!"

The crowd of Dauntless members cheered for her. They went wild while I grunted, irked by their loudness. Does it really have to be this loud? I watched Four, carefully, as he helped her off of the net. He's never touched nor helped a newbie before. He must be interested. I watched them together: He grabbed her hips while she grabbed his arms, tightly.

Gradually, they got her off of the net. After that, they stared at each other for another moment. Cute. She walked away from him and into the crowd next to me.

"Hi, I'm Tris." She tried to talk to me.

I looked over at her, her staring back at me. Her expression changed to confused to curious.

"Her name is (Y/N), (L/N) (Y/N)." Four said in front of us, "She doesn't talk much."

She nodded, "I'm excited to be working with you guys."

She gave a small smile at us.

* At The Pit *

After everyone jumped from the roof, being shown their new rooms, changed into black clothes, they gathered them into the The Pit. Everyone was in black, just about. Four was in the middle of the fighting pad, Eric was on top of the stairs, leaning against the railings, and I was beside Four, off of the pad.

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