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I don't see any guns and by the way Leo's acting, he'd act carelessly.

"Two." Victor said, edgy.

Screw it. Before Lyric could say his number, I let out a high pitch scream. Quickly, they all sprung to action in hopes of quieting me down. Since Lyric was the closest one, he tried to grab my hair, but I grabbed his wrist, pulling him down, smashing his head into the cemented floor. If he makes it from not losing too much blood, he's going to have a broken nose and a stitched forehead.

Before the other idiots could come forward, I took off my high heels. I need to move better and these would be a better weapon. I stayed on the ground, waiting for the first one to move. Victor. He goes for the neck, like all of his the other victims. I grabbed the collar of his shirt, forcing his nose to come in contact with my knee.

I was going to flip him over, but he got a grip of my arms. He flipped us, like I was planning to do, and straddled his waist. What is he doing? Suddenly, I felt someone grip the top of my hair, they pushed my head back, not caring if they broke it or not. My eyes made contact with Leo's new, crazy orbs.

"You should've joined us, Cutie." He laughed, "This is going to burn now."

The manic laughter continued. I tried everything and anything to escape Victor's hold along with Leo's. Victor had my body strapped down with his arms while Leo had a good bit of my hair. Even if I could get away from Victor, Leo could easily drag me anywhere like a rag-doll so that Victor could grip me again.

I wiggled, trying to figure out something to do, quickly, while Leo pulled something from his pocket. Could I distract? No, everything is going on too fast. Kill? No. Knee? Can't move that. My hair got tugged back even more, a popping noise cracked from the bones. I winced a bit, but opened up my eyes fully, awaiting his next move.

"ERIC!" I screamed, feeling like there was nothing to do, but to scream.

"He can't help you now." Victor laughed after I ran out of air to scream.

Then, all of a sudden, a burning sensation came on the right side of my face. I screamed even louder at the pain. I need someone. Anyone. Eric.. Four..

"ERIC!" I screamed louder.

"I want to do something even more to hurt you.": Victor laughed, his grip on my arms, tightening to the point where I thought he could just rip them off.

"Stab her in the eye." He smirked under me.

For the first time in a long time, I actually felt something like tears come out of my eyes. I can take my worse fears, I can control my Demons, and I can take down my smile, but this? This.. This is Hell.

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