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"Oh, just being Eric." I lied through the shown grin.

Like I was going to tell him what happened. He nodded, jumping onto the platform that the initiates would be fighting on soon. He turned around to boss the initiates around.

* End of the Day *

I unlocked my shared apartment's door, walking in and shutting it behind. After doing my regularly stretch to pop my back, I took off the jacket, dropping it onto the floor. I made my way to the bedroom, taking the ratchet bra and leggings off. I threw them in the dirty clothes bin. I took off the shirt to change into a larger, much older shirt that read, 'Pierce the Veil'.

As I was getting into the bed, I spotted a note on the opposite pillow. Slowly, I leaned towards the note, grabbing it:

Hello Doll,
Meet me in The Pit. Wearing something hot, Cutie.
Love, L.

I giggled at the man's cuteness, dropping the note. I hopped off of the bed, going to the closet. I grabbed the sexiest dress I had which was a black, leather dress that stopped at the top of my thighs. I threw the stupid bra back on, and put my hair into a mess bun. I put on high heels to try to feel tall compared to him.

I skillfully ran out of the apartment room and down to the training room. I wonder what he's got planned for this lovely night. I mean, it's nothing special today. Is it? When I got to the Pit, I slowly opened up the heavy doors. I lifted my head up, allowing me to see.. nothing.


"Leo?": I called out for the man.

"Where are you, baby?": I asked the air.

Where is he at? Did he stand me up? Suddenly, I felt my back against the doors, just like today, but.. it didn't feel anything like Eric's push or even like Eric. It was too rough.

"Hello, Love~!" Leo's voice rung through my ear.

I snapped my head to the right side of me where his face was buried in my neck.

"What the hell, Leo?! What are you doing? You're hurt me!": I shouted, getting mad pretty quick.

"Aw, I'm sorry, baby. Are you okay?": He asked, not letting me go, though.

His grip on my shoulders never loosened, neither did pressure on my legs that he held.

"No, you asshole!" I insulted him for the first time.

He chuckled darkly in my ear, not sounding like the Leo I know.

"Let go of me!" I ordered him, trying my best to push him off of me.

"You look so beautiful in that dress of yours, Princess~!" He said seductively.

"Fuck you!" I growled, trying to get a grip on his shoulders.

"Aw, baby, I wish, but I have some friends that want to meet you and your sexy self."

The grin on his face disgusted me to the core.

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