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Jacob POV

"Are you sure it's not because you want Yasmin to love you?"

What Yasmin's mum said kept finding its way to my head.

Is that really the reason why I helped her?

Yasmin is really a sweet, fun, beautiful and amazing girl. But I did it because I wanted to, because it hurts to see her sad.
Seeing her hurt breaks my heart.


Why would he? What did my mum tell him yesterday? Which conversation did they have yesterday? Why doesn't he wanna tell me? Why am I curious? Why am i freaking out!?

'Calm down Yasmin, eat your chocolate, it will make you calm down' My inner voice said.
I ate the dairy chocolate bar in and savoured the delicious taste.


Back to Jacob.

Why didn't he want to tell me what he discussed with mum yesterday. He just headed straight to the lab for our school practical. Well Leo and I are good now and I like it that way.

"Yasmin, your friends are here!"Abubakar shouted from downstairs.


Before I could drag my lazy ass downstairs, my door wide opened revealing a smiling Angela. What the fudge! This isn't the normal Angela, the smiling Angela isn't a sweet, cute girl but  devilish girl.

Yup you heard me people.

You always have this one friend whose smile is always a devilish one, well meet Angela. When ever she smiles, hell always breaks loose and trust me it does cos shit always happen. But this smiling Angela is a different one, she looks cute and sweet and her cheeks...wait! Her cheeks, she's fudging blushing!
She looks amazing in her jeans jacket and black crazy pants.

wait! Her cheeks, she's fudging blushing!She looks amazing in her jeans jacket and black crazy pants

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"Drag your ass right next to me and tell me everything, don't even miss a word out."
She smiled wider and sat next to me burying her face in her palms.
"Do I look like Max huh?" I asked. "Look me in the eyes and tell me everything but first wait, I need a chocolate."
I opened my drawers and brought out two Dairy bars and handed one to Angela which she collected and muttered a thank you.
"Max introduced me to his parents and his parents were super nice. His Mum even baked cookies for me. Can you believe it?" She munched on her chocolate. "Then afterwards, when we were in his room he started kissing me and his Mom suddenly opened the door. I was shocked and embarrassed but guess what his mum said?"


"Be careful so you don't end up on the bed!"

"Hehehe!" I laughed till I felt my stomach hurt. Parents of today always say what's on their mind.

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