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Jake's POV

Isn't that Yasmin! I thought it isn't accepted for a male to give a female a piggy ride but here she is laughing her heart out.

We have been following Yasmin and I really don't know why.....

It's more like I have been stalking her because Max Just stayed in the car chatting.

I wonder who he's texting that he's busy smiling from cheek to cheek.
They started walking, so I quietly followed them in my car.

Splash! He threw her into the pond and she kept laughing, most girls I know would be flabbergasted and scream in your ears the whole day as to why you threw them into the water.

"Max! Take a look at this." I pointed to the two Muslims playing in the pond.

"I heard that she has an elder brother and that must be him but the question is why is she smiling when she should be shouting her lungs out like most girls do?" Max raised his brows trying to figure it out.

She's an exception.

"The main question is why are we stalking her?"

I have no idea.

"We aren't stalking, we are simply following her and who have you been texting?" I said as I snatched the phone from his hand. He tried to collect it but I used my left hand to block him as I used my other hand to click on the name.

"Angela.." I have heard of this name somewhere else but where?

Of course I have heard this name, it's a common name!

I scrolled up and checked her profile pic and it was then I recognize the lady...

Angela Kingsley! As in Nerd terrorist's best friend.

"Why are two chatting?"

"Umm...we are friends and she's pretty cool y'know. It all started when she kicked my ass in the school field, I fell in love with her right at that spot."

I laughed when I remembered what happened that day....


She was crying silently as paint dripped from her long black dress and also from her headscarf. Everybody was laughing at her, of course I I'm the mastermind behind it. I was angry and I needed to brush off the heat so we decided to pick on the most popular nerd; Yasmin Ahmad which was kind of fun.

She stood up and wiped her face with the back of her little hands. She took a step closer to max and tried to hit him but she was very weak. He caught her hand in Mid air, clenched his fist and drove it into her stomach, she winced in pain as he kept punching her. He was about to punch her for the nth term and I waited to see the tears in her eyes. But a part of me isn't ready to see her bleed from all the punches, so I closed my eyes. I expected to hear a loud sound of punch but I heard non and it was then I opened my eyes to see her...

Angela Kingsley aka feisty pants!

She caught his hand as he released Yasmin making her to fall, she couldn't even move, she must have blacked out.

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