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Yasmin POV

Immediately I heard the news I rushed inside the coffee shop to tell Jacob of my leave.
"OK I'm coming with you." He suggested.
"Thanks." I replied gratefully.

We kept the bill for the coffee and left together with Jacob. We bumped into Leo on our way out. He saw how I rushed and how depressed I looked.

"What's wrong?" Leo asked with concern written all over his face.

"It's Mum, she fainted."

"I'm coming too." He offered.
I don't want to bring two people to come visit and since it's an emergency, I don't think it's right to bring the both of them.

I looked at the two guys and saw them glaring at each other....this is gonna be a disaster if they both come. 
"No it's alright, Jacob's coming."

Jacob smirked and led me to the street but Leo grabbed my hand.

"Please, let me go with you." He begged.

"OK let's go and what did I tell you about touching me?" I sighed and mentally face palmed my face.
Way to go Yasmin, now I'm sure  it's gonna be a disaster.

Upon getting to the hospital, I went to the receptionist who welcomed me with a warm smile.
"Who're you here to see young lady?"
"Fatima Ahmad." I answered rapidly.
"How are you related to her?"

"She's my mum." I tried to control myself.
Just tell me where she fudging is!

"Go down the corridor and turn to your right, room twenty."

We rushed down the corridor and turned to the right just as she instructed. Jacob seemed to sense the stress and tension in me.

"Lower your haste, inhale and exhale." He said in a soft tone to which I nodded because I have a million things running in my head.

We kept walking straight till we saw room twenty, my shaking hand settled on the knob of the door, breathing in I opened it to see my dad, Aisha and, Abubakar.

Mum laid there with her eyes open, they were both locked on mine, a warm smile took over her lips as she let go of Aisha's hand and held it forward, telling me to hold it. The rest who hadn't notice my presence now looked at me. Aisha's eyes were red and teary as usual. Dad came forward and hugged me before uniting my hand with mum's.
Upon seeing her in this state, I let go of the tears that has been fighting it's way out of my eyes. My head fell to her chest as I cried on it, releasing and freeing all my pains.

I raised my head and walked towards the guys introducing them both to my family to which they were received warmly.

"The doctor said that her body is now stable and she fainted because she lost a lot of blood and if she doesn't get more, it will surely become critical." Dad said with a sigh.

"So what are we waiting for let's transfuse the blood." I don't get why they hadn't done it.

"Mum's o+(positive) and neither of us are so where are we gonna get some?" Abubakar said angrily.
I know that he's frustrated, we all are.

"From me."
I turned to see Jacob with a sad smile.
"I will donate."

A tear slipped from my eyes and the rest followed, tears of happiness.
"thank you so much." I said between the tears.
"Shhh, don't cry, I don't want to see you crying." His heartwarming voice made my body go jelly.

Jacob's Pov

"Mum's o+(positive) and neither of us are so where are we gonna get some?"

"From me."
I said, I can say that they are all shocked, even I'm but I have to do it for her mum and for Yasmin.
"I will donate."

I watched her as a tear slipped from her face and the rest followed, I don't know why she's crying but I know that it must be the tears of happiness.
"Thank you so much." She said between the tears in her cracking voice.
"Shhh, don't cry, I don't want to see you crying." I said softly .
"Let's call the doct-"

"Wait!" Yasmin's mother cut in."I want to talk to you in private. " She added.

At first I didn't know who she was talking to until I saw her eyes fixed on mine.

Slowly all of them dragged themselves out of the room leaving only her and I.

Silence descended on us as I just stared at the floor lost of words, she gazed at me with her lips slowly twitching into a smile.

Finally she spoke up,"Why did you?"


"Why did you accept to donate your blood."

"Because I want to, I want to help you." I said in a calm voice meanwhile my heart is beating so fast and loud that I can hardly hear what she or I'm saying.
"Are you sure it's not because you want Yasmin to love you?"

This woman just hit me right on the spot!

"Well maybe it's that but I also want to do this, to see Yasmin in so much pains hurt. I know what it means to see your mum in so much pain." Tears started to gather in my eyes fighting its way to spill but I held it in.
"I'm so sorry, you're just like Isabelle, with a good heart and always helping others.


"You knew my mum?" I was beyond shocked.
Her smile grew wider as she looked into the thin hair probably putting back the pieces of their youths together." Of course I knew Isabelle, we were best friends and I remember when you were a kid, we used to come visit you, Yasmin and I but after her death, we lost contacts but immediately I saw you, I recognised the little cutie with fat cheeks, sun-kissed blond hair and pale blue eyes. I always kept your picture ever since you were just four, it reminded me of your mum."

"Wait, I remember you, you were the woman who always brought my favourite lollipop 'honey pop'(A.n: just made that up 😝 ) with your little child, I can clearly remember her light blue eyes and her long brown hair and very long if I may add. I remember how I used to tease her for having thick eyebrows and how she chased me to the garden." Remembering the past made me to chuckle, that little girl grew up to be a very beautiful young lady that I'm suddenly attracted to.

"You're a very good young man and I'm sure Yasmin will like you too just the way you do?"

"I know a lot of things." She winked.
What a sick woman who knows a lot of things I have got here.

I turned to take my leave when she called me back.
"Don't tell Yasmin about our conversation."
I smiled in reply. "sure."

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