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I'm terrified, nervous, restless. I don't even know what I feel. If there's one thing I hate, it's the smell of hospitals. Dad keeps pacing back and fro. Aisha sat next to Abubakar and Jake sat next  me together with my friends. They tried to comfort me but it didn't work. My mum is going through an operation, don't expect me to be calm. Ya Allah! Please let mum make it.

A while later, Aisha and Abubakar left to bring food. Dad refused to go with them, he doesn't want to leave the hospital knowing that the doctor might come out soon.
Some minutes later, the doctor came out.
"What's her condition?" Dad inquired.
"Congratulations, she survived but she's resting now. You can come see her tomorrow." She said.
Oh Allah! thank you.
"Thank be to Allah, thank you Doc." Dad said. I stood up and hugged dad.
"Thank goodness."
"I'm so sorry."
My friends rejoiced with me and I was happy for my mum and I have my friends with me.
"I think you should go home Yasmin, I can stay here." Dad said.
"I will stay here with you." I pressed on. I couldn't just leave dad alone, I want to be there when she opens her eyes.

"If you're staying, then we're staying." My friends said.
"Thank you but you guys need to rest."
"We're staying and you change that."


yasmin's was fast asleep, her glasses were still on so I took it off and kept it in her bag.
What is she thinking of ?

I had misunderstood her religion. There's no such thing as terrorism in Qur'an. So far to where I've read,  it's a religion of peace and belief in Allah. I had a billion questions to ask Yasmin.

Why do they believe in Allah? We can't see him, so how are they sure of his existence?


I just keep my life and I don't think I can ever believe a worship anything I found myself accent questions I never told her how did we get with this world?How was everything created? I couldn't think of an answer.

I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday taking care of Mom but she I'm about to do something crazy.
"Are you ready?" Jake asked.
"Of course not! I'm scared of heights!" I screamed.
"I just hope I don't land 6feet bellow. "
"Or lower." Annabelle added. I glared at her with my eyes saying, 'If we are done, you're so dead!' Annabelle and Khadijah jumped off the helicopter. Jason followed, Max and Angela jumped out together. Jake my hand and together we jumped off.
I screamed my way downwards and closed to my eyes.
"Yasmin's open your eyes!  It's fun."
"No way! I have learnt my lesson to never write a bucket list!"
I slowly opened my eyes and he was right. It was beautiful,  magnificent and I felt free like a bird.
We were now approaching the ground and everyone opened their parachutes except for me. Mine got stuck. We where almost landing and my parachute decided to f*** up!
Why does it hate me?

I kept trying and it seemed to have pity on me because it opened but another problem popped up.

Now I'm sure what Annabelle said is gonna happen. I'm gonna land lower than six feet.
I'm gonna stick to the landing. By landing, I mean crash. But instead of crashing on the ground.


I collided with Jake and he became by comfy bed. I fell on him.
Get the picture now?
"let's do this again." I said.
"You mean using me as your bed? No thanks." Jake replied. "Cmon, just once. Please?" I pleaded.
"Just don't land on me."
And we did just that, sky diving again. And when I say again, I really mean it. The bloody murders scream and sticking to the landing as Jake as my comfy bed. But my parachute didn't have any problem, I just aimed for him.
I'm a lady,  I don't need a scar.
"You know, I kinda like that you landed on me. I can just kiss you. " Jake smirked.
"Ugh!" I got off him.
"let's do it again." he suggested and winked.
Now it was my turn to say, "No thanks."

We were all exhausted when we got home.  Jake brought out the bucket list and ticked Sky diving.

Ring! Ring! Ring!
I looked at the caller, it's a private number.
"Who's this?" I asked.
"You don't need to know who I'm. You either stay away from the girl or she dies. Think wisely, this is your final warning from the boss." With that,  he cut the call.
I sighed and slammed the phone down.
F***! Yasmin's is in trouble because of me. What the f*** am I gonna do!

(Next day)
I have one advice for you. Never write 'No books or internet' in a bucket list because it's damn torture. Jake forced me to play a board game. No wonder it's called board game, it is meant to be played when bored and hell is it boring! This is worse than listening to Aisha's horrible voice.
Chess is a bad choice when you don't know the pieces of the game. I care about time, so I won't waste my time learning their names when I can just name them. Like the pretty horse, why is it called a knight? I mean I don't see any man in shinning armor and all.  I see a wooden horse so I named it horse. Those little pieces at the front look like soldiers not pains or what ever it is called.

"I win!" Jake exclaimed.
"No fair, why can't I just put the soldier on the horse and ride my way to victory?"
"The what?"
"Horse and soldier." I pointed to the knight and pawn.
"But I just taught you their names."
"I just gave them cool names." I raised my hands in defence.
"Let's play again." Jake said.
"Hell no!"


What is Yasmin's mum's name?

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