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Yasmin POV

I'm lost, I don't know what to do. I'm worried sick about mum's health and now my period which usually makes me all snappy y'know. It's been a week now since my mum was diagnosed with brain tumor and it hasn't been going well, she grows weaker and weaker as the days goes by and so has my heart. Dad became depressed and a workaholic just to save more money for her operation, Aisha is better in hiding the scars in her heart than I. My scores decreases every time I write an assignment and I have lost focus in my academics. I have prayed multiple times to Allah to help cure my mother. The doctors said she has to undergo operation but I'm scared, I have heard of several people who didn't survive operation and I'm scared my mum wouldn't but my friends have being so supportive. Angela has also been acting weird, she was missing for five days and when she was found, she wouldn't tell who kidnapped her, who saved her nor who brought her to her doorstep. She became pale and naive which is unlike Angela and no matter how much we try to cheer her up, she would sulk up to her naive self.

I pushed all of that to the back of my head as I tried to solve the questions in front of me. I never had any problem solving math but I can't even a question.

"Submit everyone!" Mrs Sam shouted at the top of her voice. I stared at the blank paper and sighed, I dragged myself out of my seat and dropped my empty answer sheet on her table and dragged myself back to my seat.

"Yasmin, come here this instant." The teacher called. With bags under my eyes I dragged myself to her table.

"What's wrong? Why is your sheet empty and why are your grades decreasing? Is something wrong?"
She's actually asking me what's wrong huh! Of course she knows the problem.

"Of course something is wrong, can you just quit asking me questions!" I snapped and stormed out of the classroom.

Immediately I stepped into the cafeteria, the bell rang.

Good timing!

I sat on our regular seat and waited for the clique to show up which they all did a couple of minutes later. They sat and looked at me with a worried face. I can tell that they want to say something but they said nothing.
"Just say it OK! Your stares are freaking me out!"
Khadijah sighed and began, "You have been acting not yourself pretty lately and we heard of how you snapped at  Mrs Sam which is not like you to do such a thing, so hun is there something wrong?"

"What's everyone's problem with asking what's wrong? Of course you know I'm depressed then why do you have to ask me and don't act all caring!" I spat.
"We know you're depressed bu-"

"But what? Thank goodness you know, then why are you guys still asking?" I retorted.

"Can you just quit, what happened to you, just open up please. We are your friends, trust us, we want to help."Angela said in a calm voice.

"You're the one to talk, ever since you and Max started dating, you became distant. Hell you even missed our girls day out because you and Max went on a date and you didn't bother telling us the truth. You even lied about your mum being sick, that's why you couldn't make it but I found out they were all lies when your dad and mum came over for dinner. At least I'm depressed because of my mum's condition but we have no fudging idea about you. You suddenly disappeared from home and school. Then abracadabra magically! You came back, you didn't even tell us anything. You didn't even tell us who kidnapped you or where you ran off to, you didn't tell us where they took you to and you didn't tell us who brought you or how you came back. You didn't tell us anything and you started acting like a baby whose candy was snatched from her. So don't you tell me anything about opening up. I'm done here!" I concluded and left the cafeteria for the comfort room, I have to calm down. I could feel their stares pleading with me to stay but I couldn't care less.

I went to the comfort room and took a long look at myself in the mirror. I looked like a teen zombie, with the bags under my eyes, my pale looking skin, my skinny body, my dried lips and my zombie walking, I would probably pull off an act in 'The Walking Dead.'

Sighing, I left the comfort room and my eyes made contact with him, not Jake but actually him.

"Hello Yasmin!"

What's he doing here?

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