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"I can see you have no idea on what to make." I sighed.

I'm currently in Jacob's room and I'm doing nothing, totally nothing and the funny part is that other groups have long chosen what to make and some have started but here I'm sitting and eating home made delicious cookies that Jake baked.

It's cool that he can actually bake.

"We've been staying here doing exactly nothing!" Jacob said frustratedly.

"Nope! You're the one doing exactly nothing but I on the other hand is eating cookies, so I'm doing something." I protested.

"Like seriously?" He brushed his hair with his hands.

"What! It's the truth." I defended.

He looked at me and a smile formed on his little pouty lips making my legs turn to jelly.

"Come up with an idea beautiful." He deepened his smile.

'Beautiful'.... My mind went back to when Jake said I was beautiful three days ago and Yeah! I avoided him for three days. Immediately he called me beautiful, I lied that i had to go home because my dad needed me home early and it could tell that he didn't buy the lie from the way he raised his brow but he just let it slide. The one thing I have no doubt about is the fact that I'm not beautiful so why would he call me that.....of course he's just mocking me.

"I have an idea, why don't we write a list of what we can make. Then we can choose from the list." I suggested as I picked another cookie from the plate and put it in my mouth and chewed it, devouring the delicious taste.

"That might actually work."

"So lets begin!"

I brought out a pen from my bag and a book from Jacob's drawer but I found something glowing, a golden necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. It looks so beautiful and familiar, it's like I have seen from my days in middle school but I can't remember exactly where. My hands reached to pick it but Jacob slammed it shut before my hands could touch it, making me yelp in shock.

"You can't touch it!" He snapped.

"Oh! I-i'm s-so sorr....sorry." I apologized, I kinda felt guilty for trying to touch his privacy.

His eyes softened "It's alright and I'm sorry for snapping at you, it's just that I'm over protective of the necklace, it belongs to a girl I had a crush on in middle school named Lily, she wore it to school every single day and one day she lost it. I found it and I went to her house to return it, hoping that it would be my first talk with her and maybe her knight in shining armour but when I got there, she was already gone. They had packed to Florida, I never got a chance to give her but I still believe that we will meet some other day or maybe in the next life." A sad smile spread across his face.

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