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Yasmin pov

"What the hell is wrong with you Jake!" Cameron asked.

This is unbelievable! Jake got kicked, not me.

"That's enough of the kicking, she has had enough so let's just leave." Jake reasoned with the guys.

"Is Jake protecting the nerd, is he scared? Stay out of our way or someone is gonna get hurt." Marco started to flex his muscle, stepping closer to Jake while Jake took a step closer to the two guys obviously daring them to try touching me. His hands left his stomach as he clenched his fists tight.

"I maybe alone but you guys aren't touching h-"
"Who said you're alone?" Max came out of nowhere and stood in front of me with a smirk.

Are they protecting me?

My eyelids are heavy......i think I'm gonna pass out.

Marco threw his fist in the air aiming to punch Jake but he caught it. Using his right hand, he delivered the first punch in his guts which sent Marco falling to the ground. He groaned in pain as he curled into a ball.

"Shit!" Cameron cursed as he came in full force, his eyes full of anger and revenge but before he could get to Jake, Max intruded and gave him a hard kick making him to crash on the hard surface.

More of Cameron and Marco's friends came forward to face the two unbeatable guys.

My energy is draining and my head is spinning, I feel dizzy.

I feel my eyes slowly closing....... I know that I can't keep on for long before I pass out......

The two guys launched to take on their ten opponents a-and.........

Jake pov

Wow! She just surprised me with those skills, I never knew that she was so athletic and I hate to agree with her but yeah, she really did prove me wrong.

She kept on smiling from cheek to cheek like she just won a lottery, fidgeting with her scarf like a little girl.

I must admit, well she's cute.

"You little cheat!"


Cameron pushed Yasmin making her to land on her butt. He then stepped closer to her, grip her by the collar and punched her in the stomach. They sound of the punch banged in my ears sending shivers down my spin. I suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Woah! Jake where's this coming from, you bully her every single day.

She groaned in pain as Marco kicked her at the side of her stomach. I closed my eyes and used my hands to cover my ears but the loud sound of boots colliding with her body and the groans as she winced in pain rang in my ears.

I can't take this anymore!

"Is that all you've got, you hit like a girl!" Yasmin spat. This made me to look at her, this girl got some liver there.

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