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Angela's pov

"What do you think suits me, Black or blue?" I asked Khadijah holding a short black strapless dress with glitters on it and has a sweetheart cut, on my right hand and similar dress but dark blue colour.

"Don't change the topic! And black fits you." Khadijah said as she did her makeup.

"Ok! You remember the first time I met Yasmin when I kicked Max's ass?" I asked in a very low voice so that Yasmin won't hear but I failed.

"I heard you!" She shouted from the bathroom.

What kind of ears does she have?

"You must be wondering how I heard you. You left a chocolate bar, twix to be precise close to you and I have the power to see and hear everything you guys say as long as it's close to you!" She shouted from the bathroom.

She's totally weird.

"Where's Annabelle? she better get-"

Khadijah was interrupted by a loud bang of the door.

"Wow!" Both of ussaid in unison when we saw Annabelle. She looks so hot in her silver dress that reached her knees with deep cut and her back was open but a glittery net covered it. The dress hugged her body like a second skin with little details at the hem of the dress. Her hair fell to her back with curls.

She looks like a fashion star!

"I know right!" She squealed in excitement.

"So how many guys did you give your number on your way here?"

"Not with my overprotective brother following me everywhere I go..huh."

Her twin brother; Jason is overprotective of her, he follows her every damn place she goes. There was a time she went on a date with some guy, they went to the movies and when they were about to kiss, he came out of nowhere and punched him. The guy had to leave with a broken nose and they never became a thing. What she didn't know was that her brother was only six seats away from her.

Thank God i don't have an elder brother, Hallelujah!

Yasmin came out from the bathroom, with the little makeup and her simple outfit, we are good to go.

Today is our day out, we will go to the movies, park, restaurant and sleep at my house. Khadijah forgot her pyjamas but it's ok, mine will surely fit her.

"Mom, we gotta go, so bye." My mum came out from the kitchen in her pink apron. She is a beautiful woman in her early thirties. She has strawberry blonde hair that flowed to her waist and light green eyes.
She kissed all of us on our foreheads. "Have fun kids and don't be late!"
She said as we left the house.


Jacob's pov

"What's taking them so long?" Jason asked while trying to call his twin; Annabelle.

"She isn't picking!" He walked back and fro waiting for the girls to show up.

"Because we're right here!" I heard Khadijah's voice so loud, so we turned around and saw the girls, they looked stunning, my eyes roamed their bodies as my eyes stopped at a particular girl; Yasmin. She is wearing a black dress that reached her knees with white pants and a white headscarf, she wore black stilettos and a white little bag. Her makeup isn't heavy, just an eyeliner and nude lipstick, yet my heart stopped beating.

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