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Yasmin POV

As I walk through the hallway together with my friends, i saw Jake looking at me. I looked at the floor to avoid his look and his insults but the further I walked away from him, the closer I could hear his footsteps.

"I think Jake's following you." Khadijah said.

"Subhanallah, what's his problem."

"Mmm... Yasmin can you wait up, I want to talk to you please." I heard someone say. I turned to see the person only to see that it's Jake.

"Well, that's new." Angela said almost in a whisper.


"I just wanted to say sorry for everything I have done or said to hurt you. I'm so sorry." I was shocked at what Jake said. So unusual for a bully and a bad boy to apologize. Oh i forgot to say jerk.

"Can you forgive me?"

I couldn't say a word. I'm sure if it's a dream or not but everyone and everything looks real. I mentally poke my head to make sure I'm not dreaming.

I looked at the bully who is asking for forgiveness. Maybe he has changed. His smile is somehow cute. Astagfurullah, what's wrong with me!

"It's OK, you're forgiven." I simply said just to dismiss him.

"So friends?" He extended his hand for a handshake.

I looked at his hand then look at him and back to his hand. Annabelle seemed to understand the situation, so she shook his hand and reminded him of my religion.

His mouth formed an O shape
"It is alright." and are you this dumb. I wanted to add.

"I need to show you something to show my sincere apology." I told my friends to wait for me while I go with Jake. A part of me told me that he isn't sorry. I entered the classroom and a bag of flour landed on my head.
He laughed so hard and I felt like the biggest idiot for believing him. Suddenly, students came out hitting me with flour and pouring it round my body. I tried to go out but Jake closed the door and slapped me. I tried to fight back but his goons stepped forward, hitting and punching. Jake held my face and said. "I warned you with my eyes didn't I?" They left me and walked out. I managed to bring out my phone and called Annabelle and Angela. I no time, they came and helped me clean up.

During maths class, I sat next to Jacob and Jake sat behind me.
Jake tapped my shoulder " I love your scarf." He joked. Everyone noticed the flour that still stuck on my cotton headscarf.

I can't concentrate on my classes because I feel like everyone is secretly laughing at me. My teacher noticed it. "Miss Ahmad can you solve the problem on the board?"

In less than a minute, I was done with it. I smiled at myself because I know that I'm definitely correct. Jacob gave me a thumbs up. I don't know what made me look at Jake but hissed at me. I started walking victoriously to my seat ignoring Jake's little hiss when someone said "The terrorist got the answer correct, stop smiling you freaking nerd." I saw that it's Max.

"Short the fuck up, Max!" Jason shouted.

"Shut the fuck up freaking dummy, you can't even solve simple arithmetic." Angela said.

"Dumb ass." Jacob added.

I really felt special. People are now defending me. Alhamdullah, The rate of me being bullied has reduced.

During break was fun, we said jokes, laughed out loud, played with our food.

"Can we join you ladies?"

I turned and saw Cameron, Max and Jake with their lunch.

"No!" Angela said flatly. It seems like they didn't get it because
Cameron sat in between Angela and Jacob, Jake sat between Khadijah and I, Max sat beside Angela.
"I thought I said no." She glared at them.

"Yasmin, I'm sorry I called you a nerd." Max said.
"Now you want to use me as your cookie dough?"
"I'm also sorry for everything." He added his eyes pleading me to forgive him.

"It's alright." I shrugged my shoulders. I pray it's true this time. The clique looked at me and back at them. I used my eyes and told them to just forget about it. What Allah wills, it happens. Maybe they've finally stopped bullying.

We were having fun with the guys. I noticed something off about Jake, we were all eating but he wasn't. His lunch bag was on the table but he wasn't eating.
I wanted to ask what's wrong but I couldn't talk so I kept staring at him. He has dark brown eyes, perfect long nose, his brown hair is little messy making him look like a real bad ass, his lips full and pink. Damn! Every thing about him is so perfect. I bet his abs are perfect. OMA! What is wrong with me.

"Hey what's wrong with you and why are you staring at Jake like some god." Khadijah said making me to snap out of my thoughts.

"I bet he has the perfect abs." I said out loud before I cover my mouth. Astagfurullah Oh Allah! Forgive me, I didn't mean to say that out loud.

Every single person in the cafeteria is looking at me. I wish the earth would just open and swallow me.

I looked at Jake, he smirked and winked.

I'm so so so............Ugh

I know that this isn't me but trust me when I say that this is all an act. I need to pretend so the principal doesn't kick my ass out of the school. So, I have to pretend to be sorry.
WTF! What did i just hear, I can't believe that a Muslim girl could say something. She looks so embarrassed and her face is as red as a tomato. She excused herself and left the cafeteria.
The dorks are different from what I thought. I thought they are all books and boring. But they are rather fun.


As I entered the comfort room, I saw four girls tearing a Muslim's hijab. She was crying and begging for mercy as they tore it into pieces, they all turned towards me and the blonde one laughed.

Why are some people mean to us? what have done wrong? I don't know what happened to me but my body moved on its own, I launched on the blonde girl hitting her as hard as I can with my little hands, ruining her makeup and dragging her hair. The rest of the girls tried to drag me from her body but I didn't let go of her hair.

I turned back facing the little girl "Run!" I ordered her. She hesitated at first but she ran out of the comfort room with high speed.

The girls dragged me off of her body and before I knew it, a girl with long black hair took something hard and hit it on my head.
It really hurts so bad, my head started spinning and i.......

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