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Hi guys, how are you all doing? I hope you're all fine.

Well enjoy!

Yasmin POV

"It's so good to be back to school!" I shouted at the top of My lungs. Angela, Annabelle and Khadijah looked at me with a confused face.

"Nerd stuff." I said to them and they nodded.

"I don't see how someone would want to resume school, this prison with guards called teachers. It's just not right or is it?" Annabelle asked. "Unless you miss your friends." Khadijah answered repairing her hijab. "Or you miss your books." She added under her breath.

"Hey! I heard you."


"You said unless you miss books and i know you were referring to me." I raised my brows.

"Nope!" She said popping the 'p'.

"That's not what I said, I said; or you miss your books." She raised her hands up in defence.

"What's the-" I was about to ask her what the difference is when my eyes met Jake's. His hair looks wet, maybe he sprinkled water on his hair. His chocolate brown eyes makes me wanna pop it out and eat it. Hahaha......just joking.

Well maybe it would taste good since I'm a chocoholic.

Focus girl.

He was wearing a white v- neck which says ' Fuck you! I'm the bad ass here' Pretty cliche right. He wore a black leather jacket over the Tee- shirt and black jeans with a chain hanging from the right pocket of his pants.

Typical bad ass look.

Just as I was admiring his dressing, wait scratch that. Let's say just as i was thinking of his bad ass dressing. Better! Cause i can't admire my bully's dressing.

Regina Jones walked in together with her minions. As you all know that there's always this girl, the most popular hot girl in school with the strawberry blonde hair, the beautiful looks and the sexy body that boys love to worship just like Regina George from Mean Girls. Well in Silver High school, Regina is her. She's considered as the Queen Bee or the Queen Bitch as Angela likes to say.

She is dressed in a pink miniskirt with little sparkling stones on the waist line of the skirt. She also wore a white top that says 'Queen' with a drawing of a crown on the 'Q'.

His hand was on her waist and hers was round his shoulders. The cafeteria became more noisy as the headlines was now 'The Queen Bee and The Most Popular Jock.

How about this 'The Queen Bitch and The Most Popular Jerk.'

I think this sounds better.

They were passing by our table when Angela suddenly poked her leg out and Regina who's cat walking in her white stilettos with her head high up, she didn't see Angela's leg and the next thing happened just as I predicted it would, she tripped and fell.

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