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"What!?" I mean how can she be unconscious and found in the comfort room. Max found out that Yasmin was hit with a fire extinguisher on the head. But damn Natalie, I didn't know that she could do such a thing.

What did Yasmin do wrong, it's kinda not fair. Hahaha....funny, It seems like I act good. But put the acting aside, I feel a little bit sorry for her.

Wait! What am I saying, why am I interested in what happened to her and why do I feel sorry for her? I'm a bad ass, I need to take sides with my girl; Natalie but I'm kinda tired of her. It's been a while since I got a one night stand. I think I'm just gonna tell her the 'Bad news '.

I was smoking in the 'playroom.' It's where the school's badass hang out. A place where students get fucked, where we smoke, drink and do all fucking shits there. I felt someone hands on my chest. I looked down at the person to see that it Natalie. She was pushing her boobs out and the clothes she wore could turn any man on and her cleavage was showing, too much. Her skirt was way too short. I suddenly felt disgusted, her powder was too much and it made her look like Angelina Jolie from Maleficent or maybe a zombie slut.

She kept bartering her fake eyelashes and licking her plump lips. Ugh! Her bright red lipstick made her lips look big. She looked like a striper. She brought her lips towards mine ready to kiss me, but babe not this time because your stay with me has expired.

I turned my face away from hers before her lips could touch mine making her lips to slightly brush my cheek.

"What's wrong baby? You don't wanna kiss want something more?"

"Sorry babe but your stay with me has expired, so get the fuck out of my way!" I roared angrily at her.

She opened her eyes very wide as if they were going to pop out, she seems shocked. I mean doesn't she expect this to happen.

"But babe, where did we go wrong." She said with her hand on my abs, damn does it feel good.

"Nope we didn't go wrong but I'm just tired of you so fuck off!"

With that I left and went deep into the playroom where I saw a smoking hot babe, her blonde hair so long and silky flowing to her lower back. Her bright blue eyes shone so bright like the moon. Her lips, painted in pink lipstick. As i lowered my eyes to her body. Her boobs shoot out of her transparent white crop top and her black miniskirt was so high showing her long tanned legs. Which made her look like a great person for my one night stand and a great person on bed......

"Hi babe, you wanna go somewhere great?" I asked her as I sat beside her.
She didn't even answer me but kissed me hard.

Well that was easy and great for me.
"Well let's go to that empty room over there." I pointed to the closed room at the extreme end of the playroom. She licked her lips and with that we left for the room.


Unknown pov

I watched every day as he became the school most popular playboy, the jock, bully and flirt. He got every girl in school including ; Ashley, Charlotte, Bailey, Diana, Isabelle, Natalie and now he's going for my girl Regina.

Well she isn't literally my girl but I was gonna make her mine.

"Why don't you go meet her before he makes a move on her." My buddy; Andrew said.
"Can't you see he has her. Damn him!" I cursed under my breath. I saw her stand up with her hand interlocked with Jake's. They were heading for the empty room. She got in and lay on the bed, he was about to close the door when his eyes met mine. He smirked at me and closed the door.

This made My face to turn red with anger. My blood was boiling 100°c. Jake Williams is gonna pay for this!

Jake's pov

"Wait! Where are you going to?" I asked Max as I saw him With Yasmin's friends.

"T the hospital dude. You gotta get your ass there if you wanna prove to the principal that you've changed."

"Oh! Yeah lets go." We left for the hospital.

On our way to the hospital, I saw how Angela and Max kept glancing at each other.

This is gonna take Yasmin by surprise if she sees me.

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