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Jake's POV

"You need to apologize to Yasmin bro." Max began, "She's really pissed off, it's like she's a different person. She won't even talk to Angela and do you know that she almost got raped?"

"What? By who?"

"Why are you asking? I thought you don't care about her, so why do you want to know?" Max crossed his hands over his chest.

But yes, he is right. I don't care about Yasmin. So why do I keep on protecting her, it's just like when Natalie hit her, just like during soccer practice, when Cameron and Marco were using her as a punch bag, I saved her.

When they both kidnapped her, I saved her.

What is wrong with me! I have only one reason for embarrassing and insulting her at the party. No matter how much I tried to deny it, I know it is because I have feeling for her. In middle school and also first year in highschool, I bullied her, I punched, hit and also embarrassed her. It is like the first day I saw her, she was so beautiful and at that instance I knew I wanted her but I hated Muslims, I still do. I knew I could never have her, I knew she could never befriend me, I knew I hated her kind, I knew I hated her innocence; so I decided to pick on her.

But RAPE! Who is this asshole who attempted to, who? I promise to track him down and beat the hell out of him. He dared touch MY YASMIN!

"You don't need to hide it, you don't need to pretend Jake. It's written all over your face, you know you love her. And the reason you're acting this way to her is because you fear that she will find out. But you don't need to hide it, you don't need to bully her. You're are afraid of your feelings but you don't have to. Take me for example, ever since I stopped bullying, my life has been great. I made friends, got a great girl but there's one more thing I have to do; quit the gang."

"You're nuts." I chuckled.
"No I'm serious, when they kidnapped Angela, I went insane. I can't keep exposing her to danger."

"But how do we quit, we can lost both of our lives."

"Let's just keep that aside, right now you have to make a decision, you either apologize or continue being an asshole." He said bluntly.

"I gonna make things work between us, I don't care what happens. Even if she shouts at me, punch me, slap me, I don't care. But one thing's for sure, I have to be her friend and keep my promise to protect her." I swore.

Yasmin's POV

It's break time and our science fair went great except for the fact that we came second. Jacob and I congratulated the winners. I went to the cafeteria and sat with my friends and looked at both Angela and Leo in the eyes.

"I'm sorry for being a jerk, arrogant and also self-centered. I'm-"
"It's alright." Angela cut in."We are the ones who suppose to apologise. So sorry."
"Sorry Yasmin." Leo joined.
We embraced each other and she wrapped her hands round my shoulders.

"So any plan for tonight?"Annabelle asked.
"Nope!" I replied.
"Why don't you all come to my my house, my parents are out for the week. We can watch movies, play games and other cool stuffs."

"I'm in!" I exclaimed.
"Me too!" Khadijah squealed.
"Me three!" Angela joined.
"We are all in." The rest said in unison.

We left the cafeteria and headed for the class but was stopped by Jake.

"What do you want from me Jake? Wanna spill more drinks on me!" I spat. I tried to walk past him but he prevented me from going.

"Wait Yasmin, I know what I did was wrong and I have no excuse for it. I acted like a jerk, an asshole and always bullied you. I'm sorry, please accept my apology." He spoke softly.

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