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>> I just wanted to say something about the bullying on Muslims. Please stop the hate, please<<


I wake up with a headache, must be the punch( alcoholic drink) I took in the party yesterday. I just want to go back to sleep but I can't, today is school and maybe I can skip it. Oh i can't because I have to meet the principal today and if I don't go, who will bully and be the bad guy today.

I went to the bathroom and took my bath and brushed my teeth. I took a cup of alcohol and rushed downstairs. My mum is in the kitchen and my step dad, the asshole is watching TV. I hate step dads.

My dad left us when i was 11years old together with my 9year old sister and my sick mum. I later came to know that he married a Muslim and they already have three kids. How can he do this to us. And the Muslim split my mum and dad apart. I don't really like Muslims because of what one made my mum go through and I also think that they are bad luck. There is this Muslim girl in my school and I love bullying her so that she may know how it feels to be snatched away from your husband by some Muslim.

My mum remarried and this man is nothing but a piece of shit. He sits all day watching TV, eating and getting drunk.

I walked into the kitchen and greeted my mum. I waited for my sister to finish her makeup. Why do girls always waste time baking their faces? She walks down the stairs wearing a very short skirt and crop top but i don't give a fuck. It's her body not mine. Mum served us our breakfast and I took a bottle of beer from the fridge, poured little in a cup so that i won't get drunk. I put the bottle in my bag pack. After breakfast, we went out of the house not even saying a word to our step dad; Frank.

I went to pick up Alicia, my girlfriend and we picked up a few more hotties before heading to school. As we reach school, i saw my guys and we went straight to meet them. I kissed Alicia so hard that i thought I was going to remove her lips.

I turned and I saw Yasmin, the Muslim girl. Well she isn't the only Muslim girl in school but she is my favorite. I don't know how to explain it but I always felt uncomfortable when I see her. She was passing and i wanted to pick on someone, so I decided to pick on her.

I didn't feel bad about it, Hey that's my job, to bully. I saw the principal walking towards me so i looked at her hourglass body. "Well hello there hourglass babe." I smirked at her.

"I will remind you that I am your PRINCIPAL." She emphasized the last word.
"Oh sorry for that HG(hour glass) principal."

"If you keep up the attitude, I'm going to expel you. So shut up your mouth and follow me."

I followed the principal to her office where she sat on the chair and crossed her legs.


"I need you to please stop the bullying on students most especially the Muslims, please." She begged.

"What do achieve from all these, nothing, not even respect".
"Here, read this." She handed me a magazine on bullying.

What i saw was really dreadful. Who am I kidding, all these bullshit tears doesn't move me. I didn't bully the bitch on the magazine, so what does this have to do with me? I read a quote that a Muslim who had been bullied saying 'Please stop all these, my sister was bullied, stripped of her clothes, and raped by a sheriff and nothing was done about it. My younger sister committed suicide due to bullying, please stop the hate.'

I was sad for a moment. Is this really true or is it a crap to make me change. I thought of Yasmin, does she really feel like commiting suicide? Why do I even care?

"I promise that i will change for good. After seeing all these. I finally understand their pain." I lied.

"Good, please stop."

"You may leave."

Immediately I stepped outside the principal's office, Alicia ran towards me and kissed me. It took a few seconds for me to return the kiss. We went to class late and I was asked to seat next to Yasmin and Alicia sat behind me.

The history teacher was saying a couple of bullshit asking everyone how they spent their holiday. I wasn't paying attention to her. My eyes are locked on the nerd with the headscarf that is close to me. She really is a beautiful girl. Why do i have this feeling that i want to know all about her and i can't stop looking at a cute oval face with hazel eyes and her pink soft-looking lips. She really is a beauty. She didn't even seem to notice that I have been looking at her because she was so engrossed listening to the teacher's bullshit. I know I like her but she's a Muslim, a freaking home wrecker. They need to be bullied.

She was asked how she spent her holiday and I don't know what came over me but i said something that might have hurt her feelings.

"She spent hers planning on how to bomb the White House". I said and looked at her. Her eyes became watery. I was sent out of the classroom but it's not like I care.

I went to the bar and ordered some beer. I think I took too much because the next thing i could remember is sleeping next to a girl at home.

Where the fuck did she come from. "Mmm... Blondie can get the fuck out of my room?"

"What, we just spent a good time together and now you want me to leave."

"Get your crap out of here!" I roared at her. She got scared and left the house. She even forgot her bra, what a bitch. My mind drifted to Yasmin's face. If she is as beautiful as an angel then how will her body be. Fuck her! I don't give a shit about her.

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