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Yasmin pov

"There's no way I'm gonna tutor this jerk!"
Why me of all people? I'm sure there are students more intelligent than me but it still had to be me! I know Jake apologized but it's not my fault that I'm not free with him. I still hate him and he shouldn't expect me to trust him. I mean, how am I suppose to forget all those years he bullied me?

"You think I want you to tutor me?" Jake gave me the 'Are you serious' look.
"Miss Ahmad stop complaining and just tutor him, stop being selfish!" Mrs Sam said.

"I'm not selfish." I raised my hands up in defence.

"Then What do you call that?"

"It's called not caring about dumb jerks!" I replied glaring at Jake. "Which happens to be you!" I added.

"I don't care, you have a month to tutor him for the maths test so I suppose you stop complaining and stick to the job."

"Just stick to it and let's get this over with." Jake said in a bored tone.

"How about I stick it into your ass!" I spat and stormed out of the class.

I made sure that no one is in the comfort room before I went it.
Ugh! My eyebrows still has the freaking green paint on it.

I had to go to the girl's locker room to take a quick shower and I disposed my clothes into the bin. Good thing Khadijah had an extra top and Annabelle had some pants in her bag and as for my headscarf, I always bring extra scarf after going through worst situations for eleven years.
Thinking of pants, why the hell did she have extra pants. Well, Allah does his thing miraculously. When i got home, my family asked me why I look so green, I had to lie that I mistakenly tripped and i hit a bucket of paint, they gave me a confused face before they bought the lie.

One must have wondered why I lied instead of telling them the truth, maybe they could have helped me. But trust me, they will make it worst. So I better much prefer to just lie even though it isn't good to lie but Allah, forgive me.

I had to spend an hour in shower before I managed to scrape the darn thing which made me look like hulk. After all my efforts, my eyebrows are still green.

From nerd terrorist to nerdy hulk!

I checked my schedule and figured out that I have P.E class to attend.
Everybody has that one subject that he or she really sucks at......for me it's gym class.

I dragged myself to gym class alone, no Angela, Anna, Jason nor Khadijah. But wait! Jacob, he has gym class last period just like me but where am I gonna start searching for him.

"Hey Yasmin!" Speaking of the devil, Jacob passed his way through the crowd to meet me.

"Hey there mate!" I waved at him.


"Sorry dear." Mrs John, the nurse said as she nursed my wound.


"I can't fight her, she will crush me!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Why wouldn't I shout, fighting with Sandra Rollins is the biggest mistake one could ever make. She is physically fit, with the abs and muscles and she's also huge. She has never lost to a match. Last time she fought a girl, the girl ended up in the hospital. I'm not talking of the school sickbay, I'm talking of a real hospital. The girl ended up been taken to the hospital with a stretcher because Sandra ended up breaking her leg.

I looked at Sandra, my eyes pleading for mercy but I doubt that the word 'mercy' is in her dictionary so I did what any sane person would do........Run!

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