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What is the name of Yasmin's gym teacher?


''Hey Jake! I walked up to where he stood. he faced me with a straight face.

''What's wrong?''

''Nothing, let's just go to class.'' He simply said and started walking. something is definitely wrong.

''Nu uh, don't play the nothing game on me. I know that there's something going on with you, please tell me?'' I pressed on. He stopped on his tracks and walked back to where I stood. His face is hard and he said,''Look Yasmin, I'm gonna be straight with you. I want everything between us to end.''

''What? What happened? Is something wrong?''

''Everything is wrong, I just want everything between us to end. Just so you know, I never loved you. I played you and you fell for it.''

''If this is some prank, I don't like it.'' I replied and hoped that I'm correct. 

''Don't be daft, this is not a silly prank. Don't you get it Yasmin, why do you think I became friends with you? The simple answer is because you are a nerd. I mean let's face it, you're a nerd and I'm the most popular guy in school. You were the only one who could help me in my maths exams. I needed you to graduate. That was the whole reason all of these; the movies, games, and all those sweet talks were all fake. You are nothing but an another stupid girl who fell for me. Wake up Yasmin, cos I can never hangout with a girl like you. Did you really think that I loved you? you must me dumber than I thought.'' He made no bones about it.

Is it true? Was I played? His face is as hard as stone. Tears gathered in my eyes and were ready to spill.

I won't cry in front of him, I have to hold it in. I now know the pain of heartbreak, My heart was in his hands but he shattered it. I looked in his eyes and said ''If that's how you want it, fine.'' I walked away from him. With every step I take, the more it hurts. I stopped and looked back. His eyes were on his locker.

 ''I really loved you.'' I went straight to the girls rest room and closed the door. I'm so hurt that I can't cry. He's right, what made me think that Jake loved me. I'm so dumb, his goal was for me to help him pass his exams.

I tried to get up but I couldn't, I felt so weak. Lisa suddenly walked in.

''Yasmin what's the matter?'' She asked. My eyes met hers but I couldn't respond. I turned my gaze away from her and dragged my knees to my chest, burying my face in it.

''Please tell me? I could be of help.'' She kept insisting and left to call my friends but I left the school before she came back, using the excuse that I'm sick.

''Why the long face honey? Why are you back so early? Are you sick?'' Mum inquired. This time, I didn't hold the tears, I let it cascade down my cheeks. I placed my head on her chest, clutched her waist tightly and cried.

''What happened?" I couldn't speak, not even a word, I stayed in her soft arms and let it go.

The days dragged with the sun and moon disappearing so fast. Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days and days became weeks. I opened the curtains to let the sunshine in, it's currently the 4th week after our breakup and I didn't go to school. I don't want to go cos I don't want to meet him. My phone is flooded with messages from my friends asking me why I haven't been in school. I refused to meet any of my friends, even when they visited me. My family became dead worried of my well being. 


I was walking to the changing room in silence. ''Looks like the nerd doesn't have prince charming with her anymore.'' A girl said and all the students around her laughed. 

''I'm not in the mood for a talk, just move aside.'' I said softly.

''And if I don't?'' She challenged. I changed my path and decided to take the long way, I was walking when a guy spilled a drink on me which he claimed to be an accident. As if that wasn't enough, he tripped me and the tampons in my bag landed on the floor. Everyone busted into laughter, I stood up embarrassed and packed everything in my bag. I was a few steps away from the room when I came across Jake. I hate him! I hate him so bad! I wish I never tutored him! I wish we never became friends!


Tears threatened to spill but I blinked and walked past him. The changing room is filled with girls, everyone is glaring and laughing at me. I ignored them and changed into my soccer wears. I reached for the door but a girl with black short hair and little brown eyes stood in front of me, preventing me from leaving.

''What do you want from me?''

Regina came out of nowhere with a dirty smirk. ''Jake isn't here to protect you. It's revenge, boys come out.'' Cameron and Marco walked out of one of the comfort rooms. He walked up to me and punched me, I fell to the ground but the girls picked me up and held me tight. Cameron punched me again and again. Marco tore my headscarf, I can't even fight back because I'm too tired. Marco spat on my face and slapped me. Regina came forward, ''I know you want to be a slut so I'm gonna help you by doing this.'' She tore open my shirt leaving me with my little inner shirt, bra underneath and skirt.

''Don't you like it his way? Let's take it to the next level.'' She smiled.

So this is how everything is gonna end, Jake leaves me and I get assaulted. Regina slapped me and Marco drifted his fists in the left side of my stomach, I spat out blood. The pain in my stomach grew but it doesn't matter. Nothing matters, this is the life I have to live.

BOOM! The door burst open, my friends stood at the entrance with sticks in their hands. Angela is leading, trust her to do such a thing. They swung and smashed it on the girls. Leo, Jacob and Jason also came but they weren't holding sticks. They charged at Marco and Cameron, punching them both.

Khadijah used a jacket to cover my body and closed my hair with a scarf.  Regina hid at a corner but Annabelle spotted her and got on her. Some of the girls escaped. I feel happy and relieved, a spark of light lit up in me. If Jake isn't here for me, my friends are...

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