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Yasmin's POV
"Yasmin?" Leo called.
"Yeah?" He brushed his hair and said. "You know that according to your bucket list, you have to beat a guy in a game. So prepare cos  it's gonna be tough to beat me." He flexed his muscles as if we're gonna physically fight.

I might add that he isn't all that muscular.
"So what game do you want me to beat you?" I flexed my imaginary muscles.
"Oooh! scary! The girl had guts. How about FIFA 19?"
"you're on!" I said confidently.
I might add that he's gonna whop my ass.

I turned on the game and got an idea.
"Loser buys any amount of food the winner whats." I suggested.
A smile played on his lips.
The waiter stared at the food I ordered.
Chocolate shake, double chocolate brownie, sponge cake, apple pie, two boxes of pizza, strawberry ice-cream, lemon loaf and peanut butter cup cookies.
"I know it's not my concern but aren't they too much for you?"
"They aren't mine, there are his." I pointed to Leo who is busy flirting with two girls.
Now you get the picture? I wish I didn't speak. The waiter brought the orders packed.
I tapped Leo on his shoulder. "Let's go."
"You're interrupting." He whispered and continue flirting with the girls.
"Well I'm going." I managed to hold the packed food ready to leave when Leo got up to leave. "See you ladies when I see you." He winked which sent them giggling.
"See you ladies when I see you." I mimicked and rolled my eyes.
We exited Starbucks and on our way home, came across our old tree house.
"Let's stay here for a while."
The tree house we built is still the  same but the grasses had grown very long and the woods, old with age. We climbed the stairs and it still has the same chicken smell.
Don't judge me, it really has a chicken smell.
I opened a box of pizza, picked a slice and ate it. What happened between Leo and Jake kept replaying in my head. Does Leo have something to do with Jake and I?
"Leo can I asked you a question?"
"Sure." He faced me and dropped his phone.
"Why did Jake attack you?"
"Who knows. That guy is a lunatic."
Jake isn't a lunatic. I know what's on your mind. You think I'm stupid, Jake dumped me and I'm here defending him.  I still love him and I don't care how many times he hurts me.
"Why did you leave?"
He froze and murmured, "Cam we not talk about it."
"No, I want to know why you left.  Is it because you got hurt trying to protect me? Because I endangered you?"

"Yasmin that idiot bullied you and I couldn't save you.  I tried but I had to leave nor because I was hurt but guilty. Now I'm back and I promise to be by your side forever." he took my hands in his and stared into my eyes. It's really touching. All these years, I thought he left cos I was a threat to him.
"I  give you my word, I will beat the living shut out of that asshole!"
"He isn't an asshole." I murmured. "He dumped, I get that. I don't believe what he said. He may be an asshole to you but he is still my friend and always will be. I must find out the real reason why he left me."

He left go of my hands and snapped. "Have you lost your mind. After all the did to you, you're still willing to forgive him? He doesn't love you but I do. He wasn't there when you got bullied, in fact he was your bully.  He doesn't care about you, I do." He tried to hold my waist but I stepped back.
"No don't. I'm sorry but I can't do this. I like you as a friend. I'm crazy and my craziness is gonna make me find my way back to Jake's heart. Even if he doesn't love tell me the truth, I'm gonna find out myself." I climbed down the tree house and rushed, heading to Jake's.

I rang the doorbell a couple of times before Lisa opened it.
"Hi, come in. "
"Thanks, is Jake home?"
"Yeah upstairs." She replied.

I went up the stairs and knocked. "Leave me alone!" He roared. I knocked repeatedly till I heard his footsteps.
He opened the door and he startled seeing me.  Before he said a word, I punched him but he simply brushed it off.
"What do you want?" He snapped. His eyes piecing into mine. Inside does those angry eyes, I can see his soft warm eyes. "I want you to cut the bullshit and tell me what's truly going on." I retorted.
"Leave." He shut the door.
I slammed the door wide open and walked in. He didn't even face me. He stared out the window.

"I'm not going anywhere till I get answers. Say whatever you want.  Call me names, I don't care. Have you ever stayed for a second and thought of what I felt. I know you well enough to know that you didn't mean any of the things you said. You may put in your bully face, act all tough and fiery. I know that there is still good in you so stop the lies and tell me the truth."
He opened the freezer and brought out an ice pack. I watched as he put it on my knuckles and said softly, "Please leave."
"Why are you doing this to me. Oh Allah! I did things that were against my religion to be with you. If there's anyone who should be angry, it's me. You assaulted, insulted, beat and bullied me. But I ignored all that. I forgave you and gave you a chance. I deserve to be mad about you, I should be the one snappy and all. I missed occasions for-"
"I didn't ask you to be with me! I didn't beg you to break your religion's rules. You chose that on your own so don't drag me into this. Leave my house before I force you!" Now, I can clearly see the anger in him, there's no warm look in his eyes but pure hatred.
"Thanks for making me believe you can keep a promise." I went downstairs but stopped by Lisa.
"I swear to you he doesn't mean that. He loves you and I don't what got into him.
I didn't know what to say so I nodded. I closed the front door and slowly walked down the street. Leo was right after all.

All of a sudden, a black car pulled over and the door opened.  Some huge men with masks dragged me into the car but I struggled and fought. One of them sprayed an awful gas on my face.  My body became weak and my head spinned. I tried to keep my eyes open but everything became pitch black.

Jake's POV

Yasmin surprised me, I hurt her but she still came back. When she punched me, I knew I deserved it. I wanted to hold her in my arms and wipe her tears. I can't endanger her anymore. I slowly looked out the window and saw some men pulling her into a black car. I ran downstairs and out of the house but I was too late. My phone vibrated in my pants and I pulled it out.
An unknown number showed on the screen, I picked it up and kept shut.
"It seems that you two can't keep apart. So we will just have to kill her." A deep voice blared from the other line.
"Don't you dare touch her! I will-"
The call cut.
They have Yasmin. I need to call Max.

Yasmin's POV
the pain in my head made my eyes open. Although my eyes were opened, I felt as if they were shut due to the darkness that surrounded me. I slowly lift myself from the dirty mattress I layed. A sudden dizziness took over me. I still managed to sit up and examine the place I'm. The room is dark except for a little light that shines at the middle. The steel bars I'm locked in prevented me from escaping. The door cracked open, which Sent the light bulb swinging. A short plump man stepped in,  he held a big cigar and smiled revealing his yellow stained teeth. He wore an oversized suit with two buttons of his inner shirt opened.  His black and gray chest hair which was messy and unclean showed.
"Who are you and what do you want from me?" I demanded.
"Yasmin Ahmad, lovely to see you. You see, I didn't mean to kidnap you but you left me no choice. Do not blame me, that friend of yours, Jake brought you into this. I have been following you for a very long time, watching your actions and movements. Jake told you to leave him but you didn't. Well, now that you're here, your fate would be decided, but before that. Let me bring in a very good friend of yours."
He went out and some minutes later, a young man came in.
"Hello dear."

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