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"Hey don't you dare touch her!" He came forward to where I laid on the cold floor, scared and quiet. He stood in front of me and spread his hands in a protection style, a rain of relief washed over me. He came for me.....he really did come.

But the kids that surrounded him were enough to make him bleed to death.
"Leave this place, I can take care of myself please. I don't want you to get hurt!" I shouted in my little voice that was hardly heard.

He turned and faced me with his wet brown hair glistering as the sun shone on it and his light brown eyes staring right into mine. A smile was on his lips which said 'i can take care of it.' And for once i believed it was alright, I believed i was protected, I was saved by the kid who promised to protect me forever but not until he was hit a stick on the back of his head by the biggest kid, Jake.

I watched silently, slowly as my hero fell to the floor. They all pounced on him and started beating him brutally and I watched as blood dripped from his head. A kid brought out a pocket knife and stabbed him right on the chest.

I watched and my body ached to reach for him but i was drained of energy and I laid there crying for my hero. With the little energy I had, I shouted at the top of voice.

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