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Assalam Alaykum!

I stared at the girl in dark brown skirt, light brown shirt and matching light jacket and heels.
Her veil matched her outfit and she wore a silver necklace round her neck.

Her veil matched her outfit and she wore a silver necklace round her neck

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Her lips, painted in light pink lipstick. The black eyeliner made her eyes look beautiful. Pink blush was added to her rosebud cheeks.

She looked confident and outstanding, her usual nerdy clothing and thick spectacles are replaced with a stunning yet simple outfit and contact lens.

"You ready?" Annabelle asked.
I turned my eyes away from the mirror and picked my purse, put my phone, money and my glasses. The door opened and Angela popped in with a smile.
"He's here."

I suddenly felt hot, not that the weather is hot. But I felt heat radiating my skin, I don't know why but it just happened.
I walked down the stairs and saw him on the couch. He turned to look at me and immediately our eyes met, I wanted to run to my room and lock it.

I'm nervous, damn nervous.


"Why did you try to rape Yasmin?" I punched him hard on the face.
He coughed out blood and a sick smile crept in his lips. "I don't know what happened to you Jake, but you're a f*cking p*ussy!"
"Do you expect me to answer that question? I had rather die."
I raised my fist to punch him again but Max caught it.
"Don't punch him to death, we need answers." Max said.
He is right, we need answers. Tiger wouldn't want to rape Yasmin just like that. There were girls who will freely give their bodies to him, so why Yasmin?
Tiger is part of the gang and Leo's friend. I think the rape has something to do with Leo.

Ever since Leo came back to school and became Yasmin's friend, I sensed something wrong. Sure, they were friends but showing up mysteriously and being Yasmin's friend. He is up to something but I didn't know what.
"Do you think you can protect her forever, we have been watching you for a long time." He said breathing heavily.
"We? What do you mean we?"

"You must be stupid to actually think that I'm the only one after you and the girl and if you think you can have a happily ever after, you must be insane. We are gonna take care of her just the way we took care of Victoria." He smiled. Anger overtook me and I kept punching him. He unlocked the darkest part in my heart that I don't want to remember.


She was a nerd like Yasmin with thick rimmed glasses and was very beautiful. Unlike Yasmin, she wore braces. I promised to protect her but I failed, I lost her to the boss. He found out about our relationship. Every time I look at Yasmin, I see Victoria in her.

Those two are pretty much alike.

Max pulled me back and looked at my fist, I followed his eyes and saw that it was bleeding.
I searched for his pulse and found it. He isn't dead, he fainted.
"We have to be careful." He started. "If he was sent by Leo or boss, they must have texted him or called him.
"His phone!" I searched his pocket and took it. We went through his messages and last callers. Leo and the boss are his last calls, Leo also texted him.
'Get ready, it's 65th Street Transverse.' That's the same address that the party was held and the same date that it was sent. The second message was 'Go right now, she's the girl with the head wrap and jeans jacket.'

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