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Jake POV

It really took me by surprise what she ordered, I expected her to order a simple salad but she ordered a lot of things and she finished them all, she didn't care about starving herself just to keep her body in shape which most girls I know usually do. I also learned something about her, she never gives up, she's being bullied for eleven years but she still smiles and hang with her friends, she doesn't allow the bullying to put her down.

She's really brave.

I promised to protect her but can I? I know I just said it out of guilt for being her bully. I can talk to the guys to stop or stand up for her.

"Hey it's Jake the nerd terrorist's hero. Just know something, the injury you caused us would be revenged upon that little friend you just made." Cameron said with an evil smirk plastered on his lips.

"Stay away from her or I promise to beat the shit out of you!" I roared in anger and slammed the locker hard.

"Cmon guys let's go to the playroom!" Marco said and together with the other guys they left.

Yasmin POV

"Yasmin, Jacob is your partner for the science project and you're to submit it in one month time after your exams which will determine your final marks for your graduation." Mr Kelvin, the biology teacher said in his thick Russian accent.

Jacob came to meet me on my seat and sat next to me, I looked at him and smiled warmly at him. "Hey there beautiful, so what are we gonna make?"
Why does he keep on calling me beautiful?

"I'm fine and I don't really know what to make, how about we meet at your house and work on it."

"So after closing by 4?"

"No I'm sorry but i have tutor Jake for the upcoming exams but you can come by 5:30." I said.

"Ok it works for me so where are you heading to?" He asked as he tried to arrange his papers.

"I have English class to attend to and unfortunately, I have to waste forty good minutes listening to Mr Jerry blabbering about how much of a good student he was back in his highschool years." I sighed. Mr jerry could spend forty good minutes telling us stories of his high school life without us learning a single thing.

"Bye, see ya later." He waved goodbye and left for his math class.

As I headed to my class, someone just grabbed be roughly by the hand causing me to frighten. I turn to see some tough looking guys but they all had their faces covered with black masks. They all came to my side and held me firmly dragging me with them, they suddenly halted and the middle one brought out a sac from his bag and a baseball bat.
"Who are you people? Please let me go." I pleaded for mercy for I did not know who they are nor what they want from me.

"Shut the f*ck up!" He man with the baseball bat snapped. He stepped forward to me and hit me hard on the head with the bat. I felt a sharp pain in my head and my body crashed on the floor. They took the sac and pushed me inside, my eyelids started feeling heavy and the darkness threatened to consume me. But I did my best to stay awake but the darkness did consume me...

Jake POV

I headed to the cafeteria but my mind wasn't at rest, I knew that we had English class with Yasmin but she didn't show up and I know she isn't the girl to skip classes, so what happened?

I sat next to Max who was busy caressing Angela's thighs.
"Where's Yasmin? She hasn't showed up yet." Annabelle asked worryingly.

"She must be in class doing the whole week assignment." Angela said.

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