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As my eyes open to the light, my eyelids feel a bit heavy. I felt a sharp pain in my head, i tried to situp but it's not just my head that hurts but my body hurts.

I still manage to situp and looked at where I'm, it doesn't look like my purple painted room with a black and purple bed next to mine and my fluffy teddy bear beside me. Yeah I know! But don't blame me i love teddies. The room looks like a hospital, wait a minute, I'm in a hospital with white plain walls.

The door opens and a doctor came in dressed in a lab coat holding a little book.
A woman who looks in late forties with thick glasses like mine and straight black hair flowing to her back, her blue small eyes added beauty to her. As she came closer to me, her smile deepened.

"Hello Miss Ahmad, how are you feeling?" She asked me.

"My head feels so heavy, it hurts and my body feels sour."

"Can you remember anything that happened before, days back?" She questioned.

She said days back, how many days have i been here? Because the only thing that I can remember was Jake, Max and Cameron came to eat with us. Then........i can't even remember what happened next.

"I remember someone insulting me in class and three of my friends stood up for me." Then we went to the cafeteria. But I can't remember anything after that.

She told me that three girls assaulted me and one of them confessed hitting me with a fire extinguisher on my head. That some girl called Habibah said I saved her when they were bullying her and she ran off to get help. When she later returned with some teachers, I was on the floor of the comfort room.

"What!" I exclaimed.

How comes I can't remember a thing about it. All I can remember was eating at the cafeteria and disgracing myself. But how can people be so mean and even though I can't remember what happened after, why would someone hit me on my head with a fire extinguisher, huh?

"Will you like your family to come see you?"

"Yes." I answered.

"Wait here I will be right back." She said and exited the room. Of course I will be here, where do you expect me to go, school?

I glanced at the closet facing me, there were clothes there and they looked kinda familiar. Wait a second, it's mine, I can spot my blue headscarf but should I wear it? What if my male friends see me like this, what if Jake sees me! Yeah right like it's gonna happen.
But what if.... Naa it's not gonna happen, right?

After all the thoughts of getting my headscarf or not, I decide to put my headscarf on and bounce back on the hospital bed.


My mum, dad, Aisha, Abubakar, Angela, Annabelle, Jason, Khadijah, Jacob and, and............ JAKE!

Oh Allah what's he doing here!

All of them rushed to my side and my mum started raining kisses on my cheeks.

"Hi guys." I said looking at Jake with 'The confused look.'

"How are you feeling baby?" My mum asked.
"Does your head still hurt?" Dad inquired.

"Just a bit, but Alhamdullah."

My brother took my little hands in his and squeezed it a little.

"Ouch!" I said before bursting into laughter. He hugged so tight as if it was the last hug before departing to some where.

Immediately my parents and my brother left to talk with the doctor, My friends rushed to my side and we talked about the incident but funny how I can't remember a thing about it.

Jake walked towards me, with every step he took, my heart skipped a beat. Ugh... Why do I feel like this. He walked past my friends and placed his hand on my head. His brown eyes beautifully fixed in its socket piercing into my light brown eyes.

I can say that we stayed like that for ten seconds. I didn't say a word nor did he, it was like we were alone, just me and him.

"So how are you doing, feeling any better?" He asked still not breaking eye contact with me.
"Better and thanks for coming." I answered.

I had a million questions going on in my little head like, why is he here? Why does he care? Since when did he start to care? Does this mean we are friends? Is the bad ass bully here and asking how I feel....?

"Can I talk to you, I mean in private?" Jake said snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at my friends, then back at Jake and nodded my head.

They all left and Khadijah gave me the look that says 'You're gonna tell everything later.' before closing the door.

"I just wanna say I'm sorry for everything; the bullying, the insults, and the embarrassments.
"I'm sorry." I watched as Jake apologized for all those years I suffered in school because of been bullied, because of been called a nerd terrorist, because of being disgraced in the presence of others, of my headscarf been yanked of by others.

Tears gathered in my eyes but I kept blinking so that I wouldn't breakdown in front of him, I didn't want to. Is he really sorry? Is it another trick to let down my guard? It's so sudden, maybe I'm the one imagining things.

"I mean it."


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