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Yasmin pov

"Mum it's here!" I rushed and gave the briefcase to mum who had been looking for it. "Thanks dear, go tell your dad that we've found it so he should get ready so you don't get to school late."

"Ok mum but Angela is coming to pick me so you can go without me."

"What of Aisha? Go fetch her from her room. I bet she's still working on her hijab."

Upon reaching the room, I found Aisha crying. Her knees were underneath her chin and her hands encircled them, hugging her knees to her chest.

"What's wrong?" I sat close to her.

" won't understand." She raised her face, facing me.

"Why don't you test me, come on tell me."

She sighed "I like this guy in school and he said that he likes me, his name is Omar but... I c-caught him k-kissing the school 'its girl', it hurt me so bad." Tears were now flowing from her eyes as she wiped them with the back of her hand.

But she was right, I don't know anything about love, heartbreak and relationship. I never believed in love in this generation because the guy and the girl will end up breaking up. So what's the use and I have never fallen in love with any guy.

That doesn't make me a lesbian.

Who needs a guy when you got books, a guy isn't gonna help you make it in life, your books are.

I held her close to me.
"You don't need him Aisha, he's not worth it so forget about him, Allah does everything for a reason. Pray to Him and your problems shall be solved." I comforted her.


"Ok mum bye!" I entered Angela's car and embraced the girls.

"So how was your tutoring?" Anna asked.

"The jerk didn't show up."

"Oh he did not just ditch you, I'm gonna kick his ass!" Angela clenched the steering wheel harder.

"He's already here." Khadijah said as we drove into the parking lot.

And there he was, the jerk. He was dressed in a black tee and a black jeans with a black jacket. His mouth was badly bruised but he still looked handsome.

Snap out of it girl!

I stormed straight to him and stopped him.

"What the hell! You left me for over an hour in the library and you didn't care to even show up."

"I was busy." He said flatly and turned to leave when I stopped him by dragging his jacket. He stopped on his tracks and turned to face me.

"What do you want again!?" He roared in anger.

"How funny, you're asking me what I want? You asked for my help and you decided to ditch me!" I spat. Is this guy for real.

He huffed and said "Can you leave me alone, I don't have your time!"
He turned and left.
This guy has the nerve to say it to my face.

Jake pov

I know that what I did was wrong but I was to angry to care, I know I shouldn't have left her there and shouted at her.

I had a call from the police that Frank had escaped from prison and not long after, Leo called me to watch my back. I was sent to deliver some guns and drugs from the gang to some Mafia's hideout but I was attacked by some thugs on my way back home later that night and I was pretty sure that it was Leo who sent them.

I walked down the hallway as i explained what happened to Max.
"But you don't have prove that Leo was behind the attack and you could be arrested for attacking an innocent person."

"I don't care about being arrested. As long as Leo is finished, I'm fine with the result."

"Have patience, get enough evidence first and think before acting." He reasoned with me.

"Anyway what are you gonna do since Frank is out of prison?" He asked.

"I dunno but I heard the boss talking about a guy who escaped from prison last night, I think he was talking about frank."

"What makes you so sure that it's him?"

"He said that he was arrested for sexual assault."

"That makes sense but you need to apologize to Yasmin."

He's right, it's not her fault any of these happened, I will apologize next I meet her.

"Why are you so nice to them? I know you said that you are gonna help me but you are way to nice."

"I figured out there's no essence of bullying."
But is kinda right, what's actually the use. I will meet Yasmin later.

Yasmin pov

Throughout the class I couldn't concentrate, my mind kept replaying what had happened earlier in the morning.

"So Yasmin can you tell us what you understand by gender discrimination?"
I stood up and straightened my dress.

"It's a situation in which someone is treated less well because of their sex, usually when a woman is treated less well than a man."


"Can any one define the term 'racism'?"

I raised my hand up ready to answer the question when the teacher said
"Anyone other than Yasmin?"

I looked around the class but no one's hand was up, they were just talking, my eyes met Jake's and he looked straight back at me, I turned away and kept my hands up.

Suddenly Jacob raised his hand, "Yes Jacob?"

He stood up and answered. "It is the belief that people's qualities are
influenced by their race and that the members of other races are not as good as the members of your own, or the resulting unfair treatment of
members of other races."

"Correct Jacob!"


"Yasmin can I have a word with you?" Jake said as he sat beside me in the cafeteria, I moved a little and furrowed my brows so that he could see that I'm still angry with him.

I stood up and left the cafeteria and he followed me, he grabbed my hijab making me to face him.

"What!?" I snapped.

"I thought I made it clear that I want to speak to you?"

"And I thought I made it obviously clear that I don't want to speak to you!" I retorted.

"I'm sorry OK, I know that I hurt you." He apologized sincerely.
Like I will buy it.

"If I can recall, you said that I should leave you alone. So why don't you do me a favour and get out of my way!" I spat and left.

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