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Assalam alaykum, please read what's written at the bottom page.


The picture above is Abubakar; Yasmin's brother.

Yasmin pov

Suspension sucks!

Well here I'm sitting on the couch with my maths note, studying while eating my last chocolate bar and it's Monday! Best day of the week. You must be wondering why I'm at home studying, well I got a suspension.

We all did.

I just resumed to school after the accident that occurred with Natalie and now I have gotten a suspension.

A freaking suspension!

This means that no books; those interesting, exciting, adventurous books i usually borrow from the library and I'm gonna miss classes for a whole week, no projects, no assignment, no nothing just Netflix, food and sleep. Pretty boring stuff.

Nerd stuff

"Hey cupcake, how're you doing?" My brother; Abubakar asked.
"Well as you can see that I'm doing great, yay!" I said sarcastically.

"I get the message OK, I'm pretty bored myself how about we go get some ice cream."

"Nah! I will pass." Ice cream isn't really my thing.

"Oh! Too bad because I will buy lot of chocolates and i know that i won't be able to finish it." He said with an evil smirk.

This guy really knows where to get me....

"You really know how to make me stand up, guess I better get my scarf because there's no way I'm gonna miss this."


"Can i hop on your back please?" I asked clutching my stomach, it really hurts from all the chocolates I ate.


"Yay! Chocolate world here i come!" I shouted very loud as I spread my hands wide like I'm about to fly. Immediately I stepped into the chocolate shop, the strong smell of chocolate hit me so hard. The chocolate were lined up alphabetically. There were castles made out of chocolate, doll houses and even tiny people.

This place really is a chocolate world

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This place really is a chocolate world.

"Be careful on the chocolates, you may end up with a stomach ache."
"Durr.... I know my chocolates." I rolled my eyes and snapped my fingers in the air just like Sid from Ice age.

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