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Burning Hearts ✔ by Mysterious_Weirdoo
Burning Hearts ✔by »BLVCK GIRL«
"Please don't do it, I'm begging you." She pleaded as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her headscarf laid on the floor, torn. Next to were pages of her school boo...
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  • drama
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The Mindless Love 💕 (Mindless Behavior)  by ChocolateJaee
The Mindless Love 💕 (Mindless Beh...by JaeeHerbo🤤
4 Girls Goes To A Mindless Behavior Concert. They Win A Raffle For 4 BackStage Passes And 4 Ticket To Tour With MB. Stay Toon To See What Will Happen Next. ~ JaeeHerbo❤️
  • mindlessbehavior
  • mindlesslove
Krazy Love (Mindless Behavior love story) by liveluvdreamash
Krazy Love (Mindless Behavior love...by tbd
Four best friends named Mya Leasia Larae and Lacy that one day go to a mindless behavior concert.But on back of that some of the girls having trouble with their relation...
  • behavior
  • loveprinceton
  • love
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The New Boy In Town(Mindless Behavior Story) by BabyCakes_Thugin
The New Boy In Town(Mindless Behav...by S H A N I A <3
Read to find out
  • feelings
  • confused
  • party
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Love the way you lie ~Mindless Behavior Story~ by lonleypaige
Love the way you lie ~Mindless Beh...by Paige
Princeton is holding a secret from you that could be a life and death matter! Who can save your life? What is his secret? Will you survive? ~ This story is not complet...
  • lovestory
  • readthis
  • ovethus
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Legacy Twins (Watts's 2019) by Mela_writes
Legacy Twins (Watts's 2019)by Mela_writes
VOTE FOR THE WATTY's 2019 Mariah and Armani are twins. Mess with one you get both of them Rub them the wrong way you can kiss your life goodbye . There mother is a p...
  • wattys2019
  • twins
  • thug
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Default Title - Write Your Own by KingBrittny
Default Title - Write Your Ownby KingBrittny
  • rocroyal
  • mindless
  • rayan
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Try Change Me (Editing and changing) by YolandaaBlahh
Try Change Me (Editing and changin...by YolandaaBlahh
The life of sixteen-year-old Veronica, a troubled child from a broken home: The lose of her four-year-old sister caused a dramatic change in her and everyone around, loo...
  • hope
  • rayray
  • mindlesshurt
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A Mindless Love (GONE WRONG) by wildjada
A Mindless Love (GONE WRONG)by wildjada
Jada is middle school and everything is cool until these hot boys aka mindless behavior moves in town and jada fall for one of them hard.
  • worng
  • mindless
  • mindlesslove
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mindless love by abcdefghijklmnopiiii
mindless loveby malaysia isis
it's a love story
  • mindlesslove
  • mindlessbehavior
  • stephanieandprince
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A New Life  by packyp
A New Life by professional
Heaven's new to the Southside of California. She lived with her father but after he got married she thought of him as a different father. She moved with her mom Lyla be...
  • mindlesslove
  • cali
  • mindlessbehavior
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PROMISE ME?💍 by highness1
PROMISE ME?💍by highness1
A Group Of 4 Girls Fall In Love With Mindless Behavior ,Everything Isn't Gonna Stay Happy ,There Will Be Betrayal,Secrets,And Drama...STAY TUNE ⚠️RATED R⚠️(Some Parts☺️)
  • mindlessbehavior
  • mindlesslove
My Sweet Dreams by Dope_Major
My Sweet Dreamsby kadrianna
Hope You Enjoy (=
  • taylor
  • mindlesslove
  • kaykay
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Copy and Paste Me (  ON HOLD ) by packyp
Copy and Paste Me ( ON HOLD )by professional
This story starts with you, then you later become known as Sierra. So "Sierra"( ¥ou) Is an average girl with a life long Gpa. She's smart and very talented. On...
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  • copy
  • mindlessbehavior
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