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I wanna use the opportunity to say a big thanks to my readers.
Yasmin's POV

These two devils! THEY BROUGHT ME TO A PARTY!


No wonder they didn't tell me, how long have they been planning this? A year ago?Months? Weeks? Oh I'm soooo....I can't even find the word to use for what I'm feeling. How can they not tell me and how can I have not guessed. Think about it Yasmin. The makeup, dressing and well everything.

The music is as loud as thunder; it made the drinks, glass plates full of snacks and the cutlery on the tabletops rattle. Neon lights flashed everywhere like police sirens, but much more colourful.

"Well come on, let's join the party." Angela said grabbing my hands and pushing me through the crowd.
"Wait! Whose party is this?" I stopped her before we mix with the crowd.

"Well you know Max right?"

"Of course I do!" I snapped.

"Hold your horses girl, It's Max's friend who's hosting the party..what's even his name...I think it's Justin." She said doubtfully.

This girl is crazy!

"Ya think? You don't even know his name and you and Leo had to drag me here. Speaking of Leo, where's he?" My eyes scanned through the people looking for Leo and in an instant I saw him. He was enjoying being the center of attraction and surrounded by girls, flexing his muscles and showing off his abs.


"We're doomed!"

"Don't worry, I have seen Max already. Let's go meet him." We pushed our way through the crowds and there he is, Max sitting on a couch opposite him is Jake surrounded by girls. In his left hand was a bottle of beer. He didn't even recognize me.

Wait! What am I saying, it's not like I expected him to look at me with all those girls around him.

He looked straight at me but I look away from him as Max called my attention.

"So you finally came to a party, wow! I must say you are beautiful and hot."

I didn't know what to say in return so I just smiled.
My eyes went back to Jake's and to the girls trying to get his attention. A blonde was sitting on his laps and his hand was caressing her thighs. With his other hand, he drank his beer. He seemed to not recognize me as he looked closely peering into my eyes.

"So I want you to stay here while I go get a couple of drinks ."
I gave Angela a look that says
'I don't drink.'

"Don't worry, I'm gonna get a nonalcoholic drink for you and an alcoholic drink for myself."
Angela stood up and it is then I realized that everyone was sitting except me, so I sat next to Max to avoid Jakes piercing eyes.

"So how do you find your first party?" Max asked.

"So far good, just hoping that things don't turn out wild." I replied.

I really hope it doesn't...

"Hey bro! How you doing? You enjoying it?" A guy in white tee and black pants, he did a bro handshake to both Max and jake. His eyes snapped to me as he examined me with his flirting eyes.
"Who's this hot chick you got here?"

"Yasmin Ahmad meet Justin Alfred."
I said a little hi but he didn't answer, instead his mouth was wide open.
"Wait you mean the nerd!" He said unbelievably.

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