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Ramadan Kareem!

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Yasmin POV

"Mum!" I rushed to my mum's side as she laid unconscious on the tiled floor.
"Mum wake up please, wake up!" I shook mum expecting her to wake but she didn't flinch, I searched her neck for a pulse and found it. I pressed my ear on her chest and heard her heartbeat slowly.

Thank God she's alive.

"Dad! Aisha! Abubakar! Mum has fainted!" I shouted from the kitchen as I tried to carry her up. They quickly rushed in and helped carry her up.

"I'm gonna call the ambulance, let me go get my phone in the room." Aisha hastily left the kitchen to get her phone. Together, we carried her from the kitchen and lay her on the sofa. Her breathing was very heavy and her heart beat became very slow. Aisha called the ambulance and we waited for a couple of minutes before they finally got here.

"Get her on the stretcher." The ambulance woman said to her assistant as she walked over to where mum is in our arms, to be carried on the stretcher and into the ambulance. I went inside to lock the house and with dad, Aisha and Abubakar, we left for the hospital in the ambulance.

We waited Panickly for the results of the condition of mum. I kept tapping my foot nervously as tears gathered in my eyes waiting to spill. I silently prayed to Allah for my mum to be OK. Aisha is already in tears as Abubakar held her to his chest and comforted her but I know that he's just trying to be strong even though through his eyes, he wants to breakdown. Dad sat silently, not moving nor panicking. He just sat dumbstruck and stared into space.
A doctor in her late fifties with brown curly hair and a little strands of grey hair, she wore no makeup and she is dressed in her white lab coat. She came out from the room which mum stayed and with the sad look on her face, I know things aren't good.

"Are you the Family of Mrs Fatima Ahmad?" She asked as she looked at us through her little glasses.

"Yes." We answered uniformly.

"I'm sorry but your your mother has been diagnosed with brain tumor."

Jake POV

It's been a week now since we started our tutorials for the upcoming exams and I gotta admit that I mistook Yasmin for a boring, no fun girl. But she's just the opposite, she's funny, fun to be with, sometimes stubborn and most of all amazing. But I don't know what has gotten into me for the past few days.
I don't even know how i feel when I'm with her, but my heart beats so fast anytime I'm with her and I have never felt like this when I'm with anyone.

"Hand over the cigarette." I said to Max as I stretched my hand and collected a cigarette. I lit it up and put it half way into my mouth and sucked in the smoke. I puff out the smoke from my mouth and watched as it vanished through thin air.

"So what are you gonna do now that Frank has escaped?" Max asked as he pressed his phone.

"I'm gonna track him down, beat him up and drag his ass back to prison where he will rot in there!"

I stared at the road and I saw an ambulance speeding away. Immediately the ambulance passed, a familiar BMW was there, directly opposite to the pub Max and I are in. The driver has an evil smirk on his face which was non other than the f*cking a-hole Leo. The question on my mind was why is he here? what's he doing here?

I tapped Max on the shoulder to get his attention to look outside the glass door but his attention is diverted elsewhere, his phone which is ringing. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it is boss, he picked his phone and pressed it against his ear.

"What!" He snapped at whoever he's speaking to. After few minutes, he sighed and dropped the phone on the table hard with a little hint of anger.

"What's wrong?"

"They've got Angela."

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