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Yasmin pov

How dare he apologise to me in that manner like everything is alright, well good thing is that I'm never gonna tutor him. He just saved me from all the headache of tutoring a jock. Last time I tutored a jock, I suffered due to all the questions he kept asking, it was like he never attended class in his life.

I looked at the last question of my maths assignment, I can't even concentrate.
"Yasmin breath in and out." I told myself

I need to finish this assignment on time, it's Thursday and i need to submit it next week Wednesday. I usually finish my assignment when it's given in class but I couldn't do it because I couldn't concentrate with my mind replaying what happened between me and Jake, when he told me to leave him. This guy has the nerve. But at least I now have the time to do it without Jake and I looking at each other from time to time

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I looked at my phone, a message from our group on whatsapp. I opened the message and saw that it is from Khadijah.

Khadijah: Hey guys how are you doing? Can any of you collect my assignments for me because I'm not gonna come to school tomorrow.

Me: Yeah sure and why?

Khadijah: Dad and I are going to the hospital for my medication, my eyes hurts.

Me: sorry girl, I will come over after school, straight from school.

Me: Where are the other girls?

Angela: Hey girls :-) how you doing?

Khadijah: Good

Me: still can't concentrate on my assignment.

Annabelle: Why?

Khadijah: Why?

Angela: why?

Me: my mind just keeps on thinking about what happened earlier in school. Can you believe he apologized..

Angela: I don't trust him. Max asked me for your address so I gave him.

Annabelle: So what's going on between you guys Angie?

Angela: we just came back from the restaurant and we had our 17th kiss, Annie.

Annabelle: OMG! You are even counting *winks*

Me: Are you sure that's all, no extra.. * Smirk and winks*

Angela: Nah! and gross, eww.

Khadijah: hahaha! I just fell from the bed.

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