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Jake POV

I ran as fast as I could to the playroom, ignoring my friends calls including Max calls who ran in high speed to catch up with me but I didn't wait, I can't wait for a second while Yasmin suffered.

I don't know where this sudden care for her come from, but I will protect her.

My blood was boiling at a 100°c. I can't even imagine what those idiots are doing to her. I swear if they hurts her, I'm gonna chop their bodies bits by bits and throw them in hell.

As I entered the playroom, I ran into Regina who is dressed as a complete stripper in her black and red lingerie with her blonde hair flowing past her shoulder.

"Hey handsome, you want me? 'Cos I do." Her breath smelled of cigar and alcohol.

"Sorry sweety but I have someone much more important to worry about!" I said as I shoved her away and ran towards the backside of the playhouse where an abandoned room was.

I came closer to the door of room and tried to open it but it wouldn't even budge, it's locked and there was no key attached to it.

"Hey what are you doing here? you aren't allowed here!" A large guy who seems to be the guard stepped towards the light. His face looked hardly bruised and his lips thinned as if he hasn't smile in ages.
"You got the key to this freaking door?" I asked hurriedly.

"Get lost Jake, I'm sure that he's done with her by now." Marco came out of nowhere with a stupid smile plastered on his lips.

"You f*cking son of a bitch!" I launched on Marco with a hard punch to the side of his face, he stumbled backwards but regained his balance. I threw my hand at Marco but the guard caught it and flung me on the floor. I'm sure that my chances against this guy was very low but I can give up not after I gave my words to protect her.

I stood up and tried to kick him but he caught my leg and smirked but I used my hand to punch him really hard in his eyes making him temporarily blind and a great advantage for me to bring him down. He let go of my leg and shouted in pain. I grabbed the opportunity and kicked him in the mid section. He fell on the ground and I kept punching him until I made sure he's out.

"It's just you and me now and just because you took on the big guy doesn't mean that you're a match for me." Marco said as he came out of his hiding place behind drums. My eyes narrowed to his hands as I saw a little knife, he held firmly as if his life depended on it.

He threw his self on me as he tried to pierce me with the knife in his hands.


A large sound of a metal colliding with someone's head echoed throughout the place. Marco fell to the floor as his eyes shut closed and the knife he was holding dropped out of his hands. It was then I realised that Max had hit him with a metallic cover on his head. As I came forward to thank him, a blow landed on my left cheek.

"That's for not waiting up!" He said.

I tried to open the door again and I remembered that it's locked, I searched Marco's body but I found nothing. I saw a large stick beside him so iy picked it up as a weapon against whoever I find bullying Yasmin.

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