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Yasmin's POV

Streaming down the hallway on, thinking of gym class I have later. I so much hate gym class. I have written letters to Temple Run guy but I haven't gotten a reply. I recall my recent letter, I was like;

Dear Temple Run guy,
How comes the further you go,  faster you become?

Yours sincerely, I need it for gym class.

But right now I will be dealing with geography, the most interesting class.

Note the sarcasm

Mr Henry is the most sluggish teacher in Silver high school, no in the whole universe.
I'm not exaggerating. The time he takes to write down an assignment is equivalent to the time I take to take my bath, wash my hair and style it.

I'm not exaggerating
I was thinking of how boring 40 minutes of my life is gonna be when someone grabbed me by my arm and held it firmly.
It's jake.
"I need your help." He said confusely.
"whats wrong?"
"My foot!" He exclaimed.
I looked down to his foot. It is oozing with blood but covered with a transparent white cloth. It looks like blood is about it drop on the floor anytime soon.

"Let's go to sickbay. You need to get it treated ASAP!"
"My foot is menstruating, I only need a tampon. I'm sure that you have one in your locker."
"What!" I buried my face in my hands, laughing like a crazy chicken.
"So I say we head to your locker and grab some tampons."
"I will do no such thing. How did this injury occur?"
He sighed. "I was practicing for our match later with the team when a hot girl came passing by. She was so hot that I lost control and hit my toe on a stone. It started bleeding."
"You got this injury because of a girl!" I couldn't help but feel a spang of jealousy.
"You don't know when you fall in love."
I rolled my eyes and walked away but stopped on my tracks.
"Cmon, I'm just kidding. I just hit my toe and there was no hot girl."
"I don't care, let's just get it treated." I hid the fact that I felt relieved.
"Are you jealous?" He blurted out.
"O..of.. Course not." I stammered. "You are, your face says it all. "
"No I'm not!"
"Yes you're!"
"No I'm not!"
"Yes you're!"
"Anyways, let's get it treated." I put his arm over my shoulders and led him to the sickbay.


"Since you decided to come late to class, you get to answer my question. How many types of rocks are there?"
"Three." I answered.
"And they are?"
"Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic."
He went to the board and drew a big letter I, S and M. He dotted them and started explaining.

"This is igneous rock." He pointed to the big letter I.

So he's telling me that if I see a big rock in the shape of  I, it's igneous rock.  Ladies and gentlemen,  I give you Mr Henry!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I'm damn glad his period is over.  I packed my books and waited for Jason to finish so we can go to the cafeteria.
"Hi girl!" he patted my head.
"I'm not a little girl you know. Let's go, I'm starving."
I noticed something, I wasn't bullied anymore. It's being two weeks the last time I've gotten a nasty glare, dirty look or someone 'accidentally' spilled juice on me.No bumping into me, no tripping and no insults. Hell except for Regina and her goons. 
"So I was wondering, I've been thinking about this for a long time. I like Khadijah but I don't know how to tell or show her."
"Just meet her and say what you truly feel. I know it looks hard but you just have to muster up some courage and tell her."
When we got to the cafeteria,  Angela was in Max's arms and we're engrossed in a conversation with Khadijah. Anna and Jacob were busy arguing about God knows what.

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