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Yasmin's POV
Leo became my new source of happiness, he is always there and lent me a shoulder to cry on.
Immediately I opened my locker, my bucket list flew and landed next to Leo.
"You still have this bucket list?"
"It seems that you have done some."
"Yes." I simply said. I don't want to bring it up.
He stared into space and said. "Since we're in school, let's go for Prank Miss Ramirez."
"No it's just a silly list."I murmured.
"Silly means fun to me." He replied.
"What did you say?"
"Err..Silly means fun to me." He repeated.
Memories of Jake flooded in my mind, when we slept in school, he said those exact words.
"It's gonna be easy, don't be a scared chicken."
"I'm not, it seems that I just have to complete this right?"
"Exactly. Have you ever pranked a teacher?"
"No." I'm too much of a good girl to prank a teacher. Although I'm not Miss Ramirez favourite, I have never messed with her.

"Well you have a lot to learn young one." He led me to the class so we can plan for it.
It's PE and I changed into my trainers. I waited for Miss Ramirez to call my name and finally she did.
It's my turn to run down the field. As I got halfway, I got exhausted and it's time to play the game. I intentionally fell on the grass and I heard Leo's voice. "She fainted!" Miss Ramirez rushed to me and picked me up. she walked fast but bumped into khadijah. I fell on the grass and Khadijah used the opportunity to rub a thick red liquid on my forehead. Miss Ramirez picked me and clearly saw the thick red liquid on my forehead which she assumed to be blood.

"AAHH!" Anna screamed and pointed to my forehead. Blood!" she too intentionally collapsed, Miss Ramirez is totally losing her mind.
"What am I going to do?" She cried.
"Why don't you tell principal." Angela suggested.
"No! I'm going to lose my job if I do that."
"But, it is an emergency. I'm off to tell the principal Katherine."
"Don't you dare!"she barked but Angela ignored her and walked on. Miss Ramirez was still battling on how to take care of the mess when Angela Returned with the fake news that the principal needed her. "I'm done for sure." She laid me on the grass and ran for it. Immediately she was out of sight I stood up and wiped the fake blood. Annabelle got up and we took to our heels. If things go according to plan, we would meet at the abandoned classroom.

We picked our walkie-talkies and told the guys that she might have reached the principal's office.
Leo is already doing his job by buying time. He stopped Mrs Katherine and explain the need for bookclubs and blah blah blah. Angela reported that Miss Ramirez has entered the office and looked puzzled because of a recorder with a card which read, "Play me." on her table. She played and Jason's face blared from it.
"You just got Pranked!"
She stormed out to meet the principal. Angela got rid of the recorder and the card. Miss Ramirez entered the office with the principal and pointed to the table. "You see the recorder!"
Mrs Katherine looked at the table and folded her arms. "All I see are books and files."
She looked puzzled and snapped, "But it was just there it was a prank by Yasmin and her friends."
Miss Katherine replied, "You do know what you're saying. Yasmin! One of our best students pranked you. You can't even prove it, you need to see the doctor."
"I'm not hallucinating. She and her friends pranked me. There were students when it all happened. You should at least send for them."
In a minute we were all present in the office.
"Did you do such? Are you responsible for the happenings?"
"Why should I? I have no idea what she's talking about." I gave her my best puppy eyes.
"I believe you. Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?" She addressed the students.
"No ma'am."
"You may all leave."
I couldn't help but feel guilty but Angela said that's for all the students who suffered in her hands.
We were on our way back home when I saw Jake. His eyes snapped to Leo and he attacked him with a punch. I was flabbergasted by his action and before he could punch Leo again, I stopped him.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" He looked furiously at Leo as he got up and wiped the dirt off his shirt.
"You son of a b*tch! Stay away from Yasmin!" He grabbed my hand.
I don't get it, I let of my hand. "No you're the one who needs to stay away from us. You used me and you have the guts to approach me, say some stupid things about Leo staying away from me. Oh Allah! I hate you more!"
"You don't understand, he isn't who you think he-"
"No it's you who doesn't understand!" I cut in. "You clearly told me that you don't want me in your life. Then why are you in mine? Why are you making things hard for me? Please, stay away from me." Leo and I left for his car. When we got to his car, I brought out tissues and started cleaning his bleeding nose. His eyes twirled with mine. His eyes dropped to my lips and I could feel him inching closer. My body responded to the act and I felt my body coming closer to him. I know it's Haram but I'm not in control of the movement. It felt as if I was watching the whole thing from afar. His face suddenly changed into Jake and I backed away.
"I can't do this. I'm sorry Leo but-"
"it's all right. I won't force you." He settled on the wheels and drove me home. I didn't stop to eat lunch. I went straight to my room. Jake is intruding my mind again. Why did he attack Leo and tell him to stay away from me?
The door opened and mum stepped in with cookies and warm milk.
"I thought you might want some." She dropped the tray on my table.
"Thanks mum." I picked a cookie, dipped it in the warm milk before eating. "It's super delicious."
"Can we talk dear?" She asked seriously. I nodded my head and she began." You know people make mistakes right? And some do what seems right even though it hurts.
"Yes..." I don't know where this is getting to.
She picked a cookie and ate it. She do that when she is in a serious conversation.
"When I met your dad he wasn't perfect and all. He was in a gang and was the boss' son. I was still in my teens when we met, it was raining and I was walking back from school. I noticed an old, abandoned house. I got in so as to escape the rain, that was when I met your dad and he gave me his coat. He must have noticed how cold I was. I fell asleep and when I woke up he wasn't there. I went back home and each day I walked home, I stopped to return the coat, but never found him. Weeks later, I saw him in my biology class and I returned the coat. We became friends and as time grew. We became lovers. We played together, went on adventures and did everything together. But one day, he told me he didn't want an 'us' and he wanted me gone from his life. I was heartbroken and I almost committed suicide. One day, I followed him and he went into the same old building we met. There was a little door inside which let me undergroun. What I saw baffled me. Hard drugs, weapons and prostitutes. I couldn't believe what I saw and I hid behind boxes. But I was found and taken to the boss, your dad was shocked to see me and denied knowing me. It was when the boss ordered him to kill me that he confessed and it was then I figured out your father was the son of the boss. Your grandfather warned him on the problems of having a friend, your father turned against his own blood for me. He used his own hand and shot him on the leg. Your father was badly injured and can we hardly escaped. Allah saved him and gave him a second chance. He survived by miracle. The Gang got arrested but your grandpa committed suicide shortly after. The old house was demolished and rebuilt. It's the same house that we live in. A year later, your dad told me that the reason he left me was for my own good, to protect me and because he felt I deserved more."
She ended and stood up to leave. As she opened the door, sge said these words, "Think about why he left you." And closed the door.

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