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Quote: "All adventures are grand because they must come to an end."

As fast as I could, I warped back to camp. The flames erupted around me as I hurried the blessing's time, and in a few seconds, I was able to teleport all the way from the Mediterranean Sea coast, all the way to New York.

I had hoped my little trip to Europe would have lasted longer, maybe had a little more fun while I was there, but that would have been far too easy, wouldn't it have been?

But I no longer had the time or care.

Chaos was...I don't know what to say about it.

I couldn't believe how untimely and coincidental the world around me began to fall apart. First, Pontus showed up out of nowhere to wage war, only to give up months later but leave us in the dark the entire time, and it turns out Jack was the prophecy's traitor the entire time, with Chaos making a short return, but only to announce that the world was now coming to a conclusion.

In a nutshell, it means the world was flipped upside down like an egg in a frying pan.

The second I stepped foot back into camp, I had landed luckily right in the center of it all. Right near the lunch benches was where I ended up, which was better than landing somewhere else, because it was rather uncomfortable teleporting such a long distance.

I stumbled for a second, but quickly recovered.

"Perseus! Is that you?" A familiar centaur came galloping towards me in a strained fashion. His eyes were bare, like he was just as worried as I was.

"Chiron! Did you all get the message?" I said quickly, wanting to be certain that they knew what would soon happen.

"Yes, of course. The campers have rallied at the training arena, but not in anger. Perseus, they are afraid, and they have decided to gather in one area. All of them. " He told me, pointing in the direction of the small arena that I instantly knew the location of.

"I have to help them..." I said under my breath, and Chiron nodded quickly.

I started running as fast as I could, but Chiron put a hand on my shoulder to tell me something first.

"Perseus...whatever not worry about me or the gods. We have already lived many thousands of years, this is not something we are afraid of. Help your friends." He instructed me, giving me one last look in my eyes before he pat me on the pack and told me to go.

I didn't have time to answer, only nodded my head up and down swiftly before I started running to the arena, which was a Roman-style field with marble and wooden bleachers for people to sit on. Normally it would be used for duels and training, but now it was the place of a panicked crowd of teenagers.

What was I supposed to do?

This is something I couldn't stop, nor delay. If it were Gaea again, or heck, even Pontus, I would give it everything I had in me to fight them and win. This time, there would be no fight, only us standing idly as nature swept us away like a fallen pebble in a river. My options were limited, and the more I put effort into thinking about it, the fewer choices I realized I had.

Truthfully, I felt like there wasn't a way out this time.

At this time, the best thing I could imagine happening would be the campers all gathering to have one last final goodbye. Maybe make peace with ourselves before the end of the world came...

But that wasn't fair.

Some of these people were kids! Most had just began to manifest their powers, and have yet to experience the best the Greek and Roman world had to offer, but they had endured a life containing the worst aspects of our culture. 

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