Comrades In Arms

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Quote: "One will never excel at anything if an attempt is not given. If devotion is not committed, success is certain to never arise."

~2 Weeks Later~

"AHHH!" A feminine shriek pierced my ears like a speaker as I raised an eye.

"Huh, so you two like to hang out here?" I said slyly. I had just caught Jason and Piper sharing a kiss by the beach. It was late afternoon, and it had been very coincidental that I ran into them here.

The sun was dim, as it drifted over the orange skies above the blue waves, creating a beautiful sunset. It was honestly a really romantic setting, so I applauded Jason and Piper for their choice of location.

"PERCY!" Jason cried, as if he had just missed out on something truly wonderful. I seemed to have interrupted their little date, by complete accident of course.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it. I didn't expect you guys to be out here of all places. By the way Jason, I didn't know you could do opera." I said sheepishly, and Piper crossed her arms as Jason threw his hands in the air. 

"Come on man! The Bro code!" He nudged my shoulder.

"I'll make it up to you later, anyways, have you guys seen Nico? I haven't seen him around camp that much." I inquired, as that was my reason for looking around Camp Half-Blood in the first place. Jason put his hands over his head and sighed as he cooled down, and tried to remember the last time he saw Nico.

"Nico? He's always helping his father in the Underworld I think. Probably helping with processing the dead, I hear it's really busy down there." Jason said thoughtfully.

"Hm, I guess that makes sense. I'll have to visit them soon. Also, it seems that what you're saying is that it's quite lively in the underworld, huh?" I joked, but received a identical reaction of blank looks from both Piper and Jason at the same time.

"Percy, that was a bad joke, and you should be ashamed of yourself." Piper shook her head slowly in comedic fashion, as she disapproved of my fantabulous humor.

"We're just going to pretend we didn't hear anything." Jason said with his hand on his forehead, disappointed.

"Wow, tough crowd. Shall I let you two go back to munching on each other's faces?" I teased, and saw them both tense up and give me a playful glare. 

"Don't tell anyone we were here. It's a really nice place to spend time together." Piper said, staring toward the horizon over the slow tides.

" is. It's the same place Annabeth and I used to hang out. Son of Poseidon, it's in my domain and all that junk." I shrugged. Jason and Piper both frowned at the mention of our former comrade, and I accidently dampened the mood between them.

"Well, about we all go hang out somewhere?" Piper suggested, as if an idea popped into her head. I looked at her strangely, because the idea seemed a bit strange to me. It's been ages since we've really talked to each other and had fun as a group, and Leo, Nico, Reyna, Hazel, and Frank weren't here at the moment.

"Really?" Jason and I said at the same time, and the two of us looked at each other with weird faces before looking back to Piper.

"Why not? It's been forever since we all did something together. Every time we ever tried to do something, we've been interrupted by just about anything. Right now seems like a decent time to relax, especially after someone ruined a certain romantic moment for us." Piper said, as if daring me to refuse her offer. 

"Just the three of us?" I asked, uncertain.

"It'll take too long to round everyone up. Who knows where everyone is, I don't want to have to search all of camp, the state, Olympus, the Underworld, or some mythical destination that only a handful amount of people know..." Piper said, and I could understand where she was coming from.

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