Revenge of a Huntress (Chapter 24)

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Quote: "Even the greatest hero cannot save everyone."

Over dinner, Artemis told me about the Hunt, and everyone in it. She told me all their names and who I should avoid.  She was happy I decided to reveal myself.

"Attention girls, our Guardian has decided to show his identity to all of us." Artemis announced to the Hunters.

The Hunters surrounded me like flies around a lamp. They all looked at me wit 0hmany expressions, mostly curiosity.

I gently raised up my hood nervously, and my face was now open for all of them to see. Each Hunter gasped as they recognized me from the meeting at Olympus or saw my statue.

"I am Percy Jackson, and know most of you already know who I am." I announce.

Some hunters stared at me with anger still, some were surprised, some just stared at me like robots. I told every hunter about my past. Over the course of one and a half hours, all the hunters knew my past, even with Zoë.

At first, they thought I was lying, until Artemis helped convince them. Many knew that she respected me, and whatever Artemis does, the Hunters follow. Questions were thrown at me, and I answered them honestly. The girls were shocked at my past and some were even scared. Zoë was close to each of them, and knowing she died while in the pit saddened many of them.

"I am here to protect each of you until Gration and Python are both sent back to Tartarus. I know many of you still do not trust me, but I assure you all, I will not betray your trust. I know you all know what I did, and you all may feel as if you all owe me a debt. Let me tell each of you, all of you do not owe me a thing, and you have the right to command me as long as it is reasonable. " I announce to the mob of girls.

The girls seem satisfied, since Artemis was fine with me being here.

Eventually the girls all slept inside their tents and I flashed back to my house. Artemis and Thalia said good night and went off to bed. I returned to my house to see Mrs.O'Leary and Blackjack watching TV. They both sat on the couch watching some TV show.

Once they saw me, both of them jumped and tackled me.

Hi boss

Hey Percy.

"My name is not boss." I give the pegasus a small glare.

Alright, boss. Got any sugar cubes?

I sighed as I summoned a small bowl of sugar cubes, making Blackjack neigh in excitement.

Got any biscuits?

I summon another bowl filled with huge dog treats and Mrs.O'Leary eats happily from the bowl.

"You two do realize there is a feeding area for both of you right?" I informed them.


"Why do you both try to make my life harder?" I grumble.

Because its fun.

And we like being fed by our boss.

I mumble something about 'demented pets' before I go to bed. I go to bed since Blackjack and Mrs.O'Leary are gonna continue binge-watching for at least the next 4 days.  I walk to my room and lie on my bed.

Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Hunt, another title to add to my collection.

The Next Day

I stretched my arms as I woke up. I know I wasn't required to sleep, but it feels right, and it does make me a bit more energized.

To be honest, I did want to be friends with the hunters. They seemed like a nice bunch, most of the time. They were a family, something I wish I still had. Artemis was decent, she didn't hate me or anything, but she was wary of me in a way. The one person who I trusted the most was Thalia. She stuck with me till now, one of the few people who have not wronged me yet. Chiron, her, Rachel, Grover, the Seven, are the only who have been with me. A few gods have as well, but they are more like associates, not friends.

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