Sacrifice of a Hero (Chapter 14)

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Quote: "There are many evils in the world, but there are also many good in the world, you just don't see it as often."

I charged with all my strength I had left. I needed to save them, even if I had to die. Law raised a large sword of stars, most likely made by Order. This person was clearly experienced, I can tell. Maybe even more experienced then some gods.

I slashed my blade as hard as I could, but he blocked it, sparks flying everywhere. I can already tell this is going to be a tough fight.

But I am stronger, I need to be. There is no point in living if there is nobody else to live for, my remaining family and friends.

"You call that a strike? You are no match for a minion of Order!" Law shouted as he swung his sword.

I keep focusing on blocking his strikes continuously, trying to think of a plan. At the corner of my eye, I see Artemis and Thalia waking up, eyes widening. It seems Law planned for this to be much quicker. The two stare at the battle infront of them, unable to intervene due to their hands being tied behind their backs.

I sweat endlessly as I begin to become tired, but I continue no matter what. We fought for Zeus knows how long, our strikes were countering each other, neither side could win. I would get a strike off, he would get a strike off. Eventually one of us will give up. Eventually.

Thalia started to encourage me, shouting at me to not fail. While Artemis did not say anything, I can tell she wanted me to win badly. Law was stronger than me, but not as determined. Not at all.

After a long while (1 hour) it was awful. We were both reaching our limit. I felt completely drained. My legs struggled to stay up, my body racking with cuts, painfully bleeding out. Maybe I won't live through this. I had a good run, but I dont care if I die, I need to get rid of Law.

I couldnt try out many options before when we were extrmely focused on battle, always being alert. Now that we both are much slower, I can start testing by using different powers. I start with fire.

I summon a large ball of fire, the size of a basketball, sweat starting to form on my head, and I hurl it at Law. He hesitates for half a second before slicing the ball of fire in half, both halves flying away from him.

"You think a mere fireball will defeat me?" Mocked Law

"Yes. Yes I did" I say. Hey, if I was going out, im doing it in style.

Okay, so that was a fail. It is clear that none of my other powers will work, he seems to be able to survive the elements just fine. Using all my abilities would just waste all the energy I have left.

I glare at Law, who evily grins back at me. We get ready for a charge. We both know. We are going to end this battle once and for all.

Thalia and Artemis's eyes widen in shock at what I am about to do.

A joust. Basically. This challenge is the most certain way to end a fight. Me and Law will charge each other, swords drawn, no protection. We will both slash, and one of us will be stabbed. One will live, one will die.

Law smiles creepily as he holds up his sword, and I hold up Riptide. Only one sword may be used, so I put Bane in my back. My suit is practically torn, and will need severe repairs. My helmet is cracking around the sides, and is crushihg my head inside. I remove my helmet, letting the cool air rush over me. This is it. Maybe.

We get into positions, until...

"Percy! No! Dont't do it, you can't die for us. You are Olympus' s last hope, they need you more than us!" Thalia shouted, tears beginning to form. She had witnessed her friend fighting for over an hour, all for her, but why?

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