The Destroyer (Chapter 13)

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Quote: "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it" If anyone knows who said that, will get a cookie.

I could not fall asleep after that dream. I spent the next few hours breathing heavily and sweating. It was the weirdest dream ever. Was it even real? I am certain that I would never fall in love with any of them. Annabeth is a huge no for obvious reasons, Thalia is my best friend, and daughter of Zeus. Artemis is a no because she is also a daughter of Zeus and is the leader of a feministic group.

Maybe I can dodge this bullet. The Creator did say that it may happen if I didn't want to, but do I want to avoid it?
I mean, I have already canceled out Annabeth, because she lost her chances long ago. Artemis is extremely beautiful, skilled, strong, and determined. Thalia is beautiful herself, rebellious, kind, and strong as well.

I want to be with either of them, but if history has taught me anything, the things you want are not always the right thing.

I get up at about 5 AM, since I cannot sleep in bed for the next 3 hours. I need to clear my head. I go outside, the sun starting to rise, neat. Soon I am fully awake, ready for whatever the world can throw. Hopefully. I summon some blue waffles and a blue milkshake for breakfast. Diet doesnt really matter for me at this point, I mean I barely get hungry anymore, I just eat for pleasure.

When the morning begins, I start Iris-Messaging Camp Jupiter, who were happy to hear Chiron was in charge now, but were upset to hear Jack and Annabeth would reform like tomorrow.

After the message, I start training. My skills are good, really good, but I want to get better. I have already mastered most weapons I could find. My archery is much better, I can actually get bullseyes most of the time. Like 9/10 times. While I have expertise in most weaopnry, I prefer a sword.
I start training by practicing on some homemade dummies I made. I slice through the dummy with be ease, and I finish after a few minutes.

I start to remember something. I need a name for now until I reveal myself to everyone. I also cannot wear a cloak 24/7. And my Roman helmet doesnt cover my whole face. I think for a few minutes then I conclude with an awesome name. Since my name is Perseus, meaning Destroyer, its appropriate to be named The Destroyer. It doesnt really hint people to my identity since nobody really knows my name translates into that.

Now for appearence. I think for a moment and come up with something. I remember watching Daredevil a few days ago. That suit was awesome, but its kinda corny if anyone notices I wear the same outfit as a TV superhero. So I start crafting on a suit, an original suit. Not a battle armor, but a regular jump suit. (Like samus' s zero suit.)

I start with using some Nemean lion strings, very comfortable and flexible. Using Nemean threads and some spare celestial bronze, I create a suit with the flexibility of Nemean Lion fur and the hardness of celestial bronze.
I create some images on the suit, intricately creating very creative images on the suit. The suit itself is blue and orange. Water and Fire. It has designs of fire from below the waist, and blue on my chest and arms. The colors are extremely dark, bloodred and deep ocean blue. I will wear this under my clothes most of the time. It will provide extra protection if I am caught without armor.

Now to cover my head. I make a helmet, using black stygian iron to create a small, protective helmet. The helemet is completely black, fits extremely well. It is not a large helmet. Its like a ninja's mask but covers my eyes. It is skintight, but not made of thread. It has a space for my mouth so I can speak, as well as breathe. It has two small holes for my eyes as well. I get an idea to forge this helmet and the Roman one together.

I start to combine the two helmets, forging them onto one. The outcome is a black helmet, much similar to the one I made, but it looked much stronger and durable.

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