War Triangle

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Quote: "If you think you have forgotten something, then you certainly already have."

Both of us stared in awe as we achknowledged each other's existence right in front of our own eyes. Like we both couldn't believe what had just happened, and was still processing the events that had just taken place. The atromincal chances of this happening was probably really close to zero, and it actually happened.

"WHOA, WHOA WHOA!" I exclaimed, swiftly bringing my finger above my watch that would transform into Razer, the scythe. My finger lay right above the button to release it, and I waited for the first sign of action from Pontus.

Surprisingly, he seemingly grumbled. Something about "not now" and I noticed he looked a bit out of shape since we last met. When I saw him back at the cavern, he was a bit younger, he had that godly youth kind of thing like Zeus where they appeared like forty or fifty, but you could tell they were thousands of years old at first glance, but Pontus's hair was gray and his skin was all wrinkly and gross like an old man.

"I suppose you are trying to destroy me?" He said bitterly, but he wasn't directing it to me when he said it. He was looking at the horizon behind me, watching the waves in the backround as I held onto my watch.

"Maybe. Maybe not." I replied without hesitation. Perhaps this was a trick to catch me offguard or something, and at any moment, he would strike me down.

I wouldn't let that happen.

"Hmph. Don't bother anymore, child." Pontus said, wrapping his arms under his shoulders like he was trying to comfort himself in a way. 

At this point, I was suspicious. From what I knew, he should be ripping my teeth out one by one, but here he was, looking like a failed circus performer. I'd have to keep an eye on him in case of any weird moves.

"And why is that?" I questioned, not taking my eyes off of him for a single second.

He stopped looking out over the sea and turned his gaze to me, and the way he eyed me was like a child playing in a sandbox. Like he knew something that I clearly didn't. I would need to dig deeper into this mess to figure out what was going on around here.

"Sheath your weapon, I have no intention of harming you. Not anymore." Pontus grumbled like he had lost a game of poker, but I didn't trust him at all. I kept my hand on my watch just in case, and Pontus sighed.

"Fine. Suit yourself." He shook his head.

"What are you trying to accomplish, Pontus?" I demanded, standing over him. For some odd reason, he had sat down and perched himself on the dry sand, facing the seawater that was forming small currents in the distance.

"Nothing. This "game" that you are disilusioned into thinking that I am partaking in is a fantasy. Yes, it is true that I have been against you in the past, but that was a meager attempt. I have no wish to rule Olympus or the Pantheon as of now." Pontus said, and his eyes locked back into the shallow waters. His eyes were a dull blue, like he was almost dead inside. Normally I'd be joking when I say somethng like that, but I swear that he had the eyes of what I imagined a child of Poseidon and Hades would have together.

Wait...nevermind, ignore that.

"Hold on now. You are telling me that you originally wanted to kill us all, but you just...lost interest?" I said outrageously.

"You may perceive what I said however you like, but it is not interest that I have lost. It is my will, and my soul." He spoke softly, and his tone became deeper. It became more apparent that he was an elder primordial, and not some washed up deity.

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