The End is Only the Beginning (Chapter 18)

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Quote: "As long as you regret, you have learned your lesson."

Olympus, right after Percy left.

All the gods rushed to the Olympian council room just as Percy left.
They wasted no time getting away from the horde. Poseiden waved back to his son for what he thought would be the last time he would be seen.

"I can't believe we just left him to fight all of them." Apollo says worriedly.

"We did not leave him, he chose to save us, I do not know why, even after we wronged him." Zeus states.

"My son....sacrificed everything....for us." Poseiden nearly sobbed out.

"I was wrong about that boy, he truly is the greatest hero we have ever seen." Hera confessed.

"I second that, he has proven me wrong once again." Athena confessed, she rarely admitted being wrong.

"Maybe we could-" Apollo started

"No. It is too late. I can feel his life force leaving, he is alive, but critically injured." Hades chides in.

"I knew Perseus was the one who truly deserved to be my champion. But I never would of thought it would come down like this." Hestia said sadly.

The gods all sighed.

"We must summon all the remaining demigods and recover, hopefully Perseus's plan will work." Zeus commands.

However on the Olympus TV, it broadcasts events in the mortal world.

"This just in, the strange phenomenon that started earlier today has suddenly stopped. The random acts of destruction, the storms, the natural disasters, everything, have all ceased. For some reason, all of this have stopped with no logical cause. Experts and scientists around the world, struggling to find answers. It was as if someone teleported everything to the moon!" A reporter laughed.

Around the World

"No! Please! Someone help!" Said Richard Theo, son of Demeter, a young demigod who was being cornered into a tree by multiple hellhounds.

Suddenly the hellhounds all flashed away, leaving a confused Richard in place.

"Please! Don't kill me!" Yelled Carole Quince, daughter of Aphrodite, and a child. She was being chased by the Minotaur, who demolished everything in it's path.

Suddenly, he just flashed somewhere far away, leaving a thankful Carole.

"All hope is lost" said Fred Wilder, a son of Ares, who was with a group of 16 other demigods, all of which were surrounded by a circle of different monsters.

"This is the end."

"Why me?"

"Help us, someone!"

The crowd shouted in desperation.

And the monsters all left without a trace.

"Mom, help me! Dad? Where are you?" whispered Melena Walters, daughter of Apollo, who was about to be smashed by a grinning giant.

"Little girl make good meal in giant's stoma-" the giant stated, but was cut short.

Melena opened her eyes to see he was gone, vanished.

All these events occurred worldwide, demigods on the brink of death, only to be saved at the last second.

Back at Olympus

Apollo saw all these events, and showed all the Olympians.

Most gods stared in awe as every monster on Gaea's green earth instantly vanished to the moon.

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