The Hunt Begins (Chapter 8)

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Quote:"Don't die"

I warped away from the cursed camp. They want MY help? After they literally send me to hell, away from my hut/house? I make it to the forests away from New York, so I can be away from the gods. Luckily, in my old home in Tartarus, I replicated it and enchanted it to make it look like a wooden triangle I keep in my pocket. I don't really miss anything, since everything I had in Tartarus was either very worn down, or made out of crappy materials.

I am pretty well-prepared, Bane is on my back, Riptide is always in my pocket along with the house, and pretty much the essentials. I built this replica for 2 reasons, one because if I am adventuring in Tartarus, I may camp, and 2, because I was bored. I keep a cloak on since I don't want people to recognize me.

I find a small opening in the forest, hidden from the mortals, since Nymphs surround that specific area. I open the Triangle, and a smaller version of my house appears. It is no manson, more like a cabin. Inside, there is a bed, table, chairs, shelves, a counter, a meat locker filled with meats, a closet filled with the hides/furs of
monsters and some Nectar and Ambrosia. Nectar no longer endangers me, since I am part Titan and God, nectar doesnt have a limit to me anymore. Yay.

Once I finish setting up my home, I decide on a few choices. Should I visit the Hunt, Camp Jupiter, or Camp Half-Blood first? Should I visit Thalia, the Seven, or Chiron? I started pondering until an arrow flew over my head and lodged into my house. I angrily turn and see a girl with a bow. She has silver lined clothing and a glare.

"I found one!" She shouted behind her.

A dozen hunters, including Thalia all came behind her and looked at me and my house. Well that was an easy choice.

I glare at them. "What is your problem? Leave me alone!"

The leading hunter snarls "You speak to a hunter like that boy? You shall earn the wrath of the Hunters of Artemis!"

All 12 girls raise their bow and shoot me with silver tipped arrows. I quickly grab Bane and in one slice, I deflect all 12 arrows and they lay on the floor broken.

The girls gasped "Impossible!" Shouted Phoebe.

I glare at the hunters, my eyes glowing blue, making the hunters back away. "You have no idea who you are messing with. You dare to fight me when you damage my house? Lucky for you, I am abe to repair the hole, now get out of my sight. All of you." I open my palm and a ball of fire appears. "I am peaceful, but if you anger me, you will regret it."

The Hunters don't back down. "Stupid male! You cannot beat all of us!" 11 hunters charged, and behind them stood Thalia facepalming. She knew they were gonna lose, since I can literally control fire.

The 11 hunters split, 6 charged with daggers, and 5 stayed behind with bows. This was a piece of cake, this was like fighting Perses, but 90x easier. I easily moved out of the way, dodging all the arrows. I sweeped my leg and knocked out a hunter, and I made a burst of fire. Fire surrounded the 11 hunters, frightened at the sight.

My house, was covered in arrows, I would repair them easily, but it is annoying. I glare at the hunters. " I have warned you, yet you refuse my generous offers. Offers like that don't come around twice. I would kill you, but I prefer to leave you to Artemis."

Artemis flashed infront of me. "What is it?"

I point to the hunters surrounded by a ring of flames. She was about to yell, when I silenced her. "Your hunters damaged my home and tried to attack me. I merely defended myself, I would kill them, but I chose not to. I urge you to get them out before I do."

"He is lying m'lady! This male attacked us out of nowhere" said half the hunters desperately.

A note flew from the sky into Artemis' s hands.

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