The Golden Apples (Chapter 20)

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Quote:"Abnormality is what gives you uniqueness from others."

So, the prophecy was kinda creepy to be honest. Really creepy. Like finding a spider in the toilet while your taking a number 2 creepy.

Well, its not like I can change it, might as well wait. It could happen today, could happen in a century, who knows, but knowing me, it will happen next Sunday.

One thing that has creeped me out for the past months was the original prophecy and Law. I still never did find a single traitor, and after I killed Law, no demigods dissapeared, so he couldn't have been a demigod or monster since he didnt turn into dust. I tried looking and trying to find clues, but nothing ever did come up. Some demigods and gods agreed that due to desperation, the prophecy may no longer be valid, but I don't believe that. Chiron and I searched for months, but found nothing. I gave up after a few months, Chiron did as well, but we both know it will come back and bite us.

So interesting information, me. I am the first Demi-Titan-God-Blessed by Chaos-Champion of Hestia-Son of Poseiden hybrid to ever live. Its weird, since ancient laws state that beings cannot indirectly kill a lesser being. Thats why Titans or gods can never kill mortals, but can altar anything to kill them, its like how humans can't kill mice with their hands, so they use traps. They can kill demigods, but only if they are challenged by them.

But the thing is, I am a mortal technically, and a god, and a titan at the same time. Chiron doesn't even know much about this either. What I have found so far are some cool facts.

1. I cannot die by mortal weapons such as bullets, or steel swords, but I can still die from a good hit from celestial bronze.

2. I can kill mortals, monsters, demigods, gods, titans, and Primordials. Weird thing is, gods and titans are demigods compared to primordials, so me being both of them allow me to kill everything on the list.

3. I can eat and drink as much ambrosia and nectar as I want, and not burn to death. Yay.

4. This list can go on, I havent even discovered everything I can do.

Back to me I guess. So after Apollo's "mission" I flashed (warped) myself back to Olympus to ask the gods if they needed anything else. I hear talking as I walk into the council room.

"That movie was horrible. I can't believe mortals made so many awful movies. Clash of Titans? Wrath of Titans? 300!? All these movies suck! Although Jason and the Argonauts weren't bad, but it is way too old." Hermes was exclaiming.

"I know, every goddess was way too provacative. Artemis does not have a shirt that shows any waist." Athena agreed.

I hear someone spit out whatever they were drinking.

"WHAT?" Artemis screeched, Apollo was clutching his stomach on the floor laughing.

"How do you know what clothes I wear? And for your information, I do have one." Artemis questioned Athena, but closed her mouth quickly, realizing what she had just said. Some gods raised an eyebrow and Apollo stared at her oddly.

Before Athena could repond, I came into the throne room, laughing really hard.

"How much did you hear?" Artemis asked sheepishly.

"Too much!" I chuckle.

"If you tell anyone, I will castr-" she starts.

I raise my hands in a surrender. "Geez, no need for that, I swear on the styx I will not tell anyone Artemis wears clothes that show off waist." Me and Apollo started laughing really hard at this.

Artemis crosses her hands over her chest. "I hate both of you."

"Anyways, Zeus, I wanted to know if any of you had anything to do, any quests, any chores etc. Peace is booooring. I need a challenge." I stretched out that last part.

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