To Europe!

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Quote: "Everything happens for a reason. Know the reason, and you will know what will happen next."

~1 Agonizing Week Later~

"Is he dead? I'm beginning to think the reason he's not replying is because he's faded already or something. Why am I stressing over about it? He hasn't even done anything yet and I've been working my head off over absolutely nothing at all! Did he accidentally forget he declared war on an entire civilization!?" I complained like a crazy ex-girlfriend talking about her boyfriend. At this point, it wasn't even surprising, because we were starting to give up entirely on the war, because it hasn't begun yet in the first place.

I was with Chiron in the Big House, just the two of us were discussing our plans, as usual. It had become a little bit of a habit for the both of us to talk, teacher to student, about what tactics campers would use incase of emergencies.

"This is peculiar indeed. Perhaps Pontus has gotten caught up in his age. While it has been over a month or two, that is but mere minutes in the eyes of a primordial." Chiron advised, coming up with an answer to this insanity.

"Possibly. But if that were true, it'd be ludicrous for him to wait until we collect out demigods and allies to attack us. Even if he is old, he still lives by our clock. It's not like he doesn't see us in real time or something." I sighed.

Chiron was about to speak up, but something stopped him. I guess he just couldn't fathom Pontus's strange movements either.

"Chiron, I'm going to find Pontus." I spoke, filled with determination.

The centaur looked at me a bit oddly. He was probably thinking if it was a good idea, or if it was an idea at all, because at this point, anything was on the table.

"A bit of a hasty move you are proposing, Perseus. It could be dangerous, as we are unaware of Pontus's capabilities at the moment. Going alone seems rather...unfavorable." Chiron stated blankly.

"True. But I'm not going to fight Pontus, or at least I don't plan to. I want to find out what's been taking him so long to make the first move, and act as a some sort of scout for information." I explained.

"How do you plan on finding the old sea god? Seems rather difficult, considering that we haven't been able to pinpoint a precise location." Chiron questioned, and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I've got an idea." I said with a slight thumbs up. Chiron sighed and shook his head while facepalming all at the same time.

"May I ask what this plan may be?" He asked, and I got the feeling he was expecting me to say something really dumb and illogical. The thing is, he's probably right about it.

"Pontus is said to be most present in the Mediterranean Sea, so I'll warp down there and see if anything's weird at all, and see for myself what I can do from there. I won't tackle him on my own, I just want to check up and see if we're actually doing this whole war thing. Really, I don't want to spend another day worrying about being invaded by an army of monsters. It should only take a day or so, since if anything gets too heated, I can just opt out and teleport back here, after all." I informed Chiron, and he had his concerns about this whole operation. To be fair, it was a makeshift plan, so I didn't plan for things to go accordingly, but I'll take anything at this point.

"I am not quite sure. I see plenty of risk and not much reward to be in sight. For all we know, Pontus could be hidden from the rest of the world, and plans to invade tomorrow or the next day. I acknowledge your agenda in this matter, but you must understand that you will be the key player in the war that may be soon to come." Chiron warned.

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