The Great Escape (Chapter 31)

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Quote: "The longest journey takes the shortest route." (I had to read that twice before I got that one.)

"Percy?" Calypso moaned, getting up from bed. Must be a migraine.

"Yep, it's me." It was more like a statement rather than reply.

Calypso rose and sat next to me on the bed, rubbed her tired eyes and gave a very, very big sigh.

"That wasn't a dream, wasn't it." She said. Her voice was quivering,  as if she were shy.

"No it was not. I really am here for the second time. Somehow." I said with an amused tone. Calypso was worn out, tired, and I could tell she was very bored in general.

An awkward silence fell upon us until she scooted next to me and gave me a warm hug. It wasn't an affectionate hug, but it was a comforting one. I put my arms around her and comforted her. She held back the tears and fell into my warm embrace. No words were spoken, but we both knew what we were thinking.

"Thank you.....for staying." She said.

"Don't thank me yet. I will get you out of here. There is plenty to do now, and we must hurry before Pontus rises." I explained.

She gave a half-hearted nod and we both stood up from the bed. "So, what do you propose we do? I have tried to leave for several hundred years, and I haven't even begun to find a lead."

I thought for a moment and as if on queue,  I felt a lightbulb pop up. "I got it! I am sure Lady Chaos can help us, I mean, she is the creator and all."

Calypso looked skeptical. "The gods barely listened to their children when I wasn't exiled, and I doubt that has changed. What makes you so sure Chaos will listen?"

I wasn't even able to answer as a familiar portal opened right next to us, and Chaos appeared in her mortal form, making Calypso have a heart attack and squealed really loudly.

I laughed a bit before Calypso immediately bowed on her knees to Chaos, who stared at her oddly.

"You don't need to bow, its very awkward now." She hummed impatiently.

Calypso got up and flushed. To save her the embarrassment,  I interjected in the conversation.

"Chaos, we need a way to get Calypso off the island, think you can help us?" I asked.

She looked around the island and inspected the area. "Hmmmmm, it is a an old spell, but then again, the gods are not nearly strong enough to cast one stronger than I am."

"So, you can?" I asked. Calypso had a hopeful look on her face.

"Well, duh. But it will take a bit of time, maybe an hour or so." She said casually.

Calypso almosg exploded. Like literally. She was crying tears of joy while hugging me. Chaos gave me a "What is her deal?" Look and and I gave her a "I will explain later." Look. She nodded and started doing something with her hands, probably starting the enchantment. Calypso was giving me the most furious hug in existance while muttering "thank you." Over and over.

I calmed her down and basically gave her therapy.  She was beyond excited, happy and almost all her emotions were on a rollercoaster.

I left her to her thoughts and went up to Chaos, who was breaking the curse. "Do you know how long Calypso has been on this island?" I asked.

"Of course, but sorry if I am not acting correctly,  because while Calypso has been here for a long time, you are talking to the person who has been here since the beginning of time itself. Time doesn't really affect me at all, because compared to me, Calypso is a mere baby." She huffed.

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