Castaway (Chapter 4)

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Quote: "Good never comes without evil."

Flashback Ends

I walked out of camp, heading to Mom and Paul. I needed to see them, nobody but them could comfort me. I headed to Manhatten, but that would take a few hours without Blackjack. I hope he is doing well, I told him goodbye and gave him some sugar cubes. Mrs. O Leary was sad, but she knew why I left. She planned to go live with Cerebrus in the Underworld.

I opened my palm and I released summoned some blue fire. I wondered, I have seen fire warping, I wonder if this fire is the same. I quickly thought of fire traveling, spread both my hands and ran forward.

I felt the fire encase me, it wasn't hot oddly, and when I opened my eyes, I was in front of my Parents house. I walk inside and I expect to smell the newly baked cookies, but I dont.

I get a bit worried, so I begin to search. I see rips and tears in the rooms. Now I am really scared. I make my way to the kitchen, and what I see shocks me.

Paul and Mom lying on the ground, not moving, paler than Hades himself. I quickly rush forward and check them. Cold. No pulse. No, this can't be happening. Why is it that after all I have done, this fate is given to me. The fates really are cruel. I let the tears fall out, I teleport Mom and Paul to the Oceanside, where I lay them on the water, hopefully giving them a burial at see. I notice a paper sticking back at the house.

Perseus Jackson

You killed me, and for that, demigod, you shall pay the price. Your parents were easy to dispose of, and I promise you, that you are next. You shall endure the pain of a thousand suns. Nothing can save you weakling, your suffering shall never end.


I put the letter in my pocket. My flames start to appear in the wake of my rage. I sit on a chair and cry. They are gone. Because of me. Me. It is my fault that I lost so many who cared about me. It's time to end it. No point in living anymore.

I teleport to Olympus, and burst in the council, all the gods surprised at my sudden appearence.

"Perseus what is the meaning of this intrusion?" Asked Zeus angrily.

I reply "I have come with a request, one you will enjoy."

The gods listened up

"I wish to end my suffering." I spoke sadly

Most gods looked surprised. Why would the hero of olympus want to die? Zeus spoke up "Why would you wish to die demigod?" I sigh "Because there is nothing left for me anymore."

Athena yelled "And you would abandon my daughter you sea scum?"

I glare at her, my eyes flickering with blue flames, making Poseiden jump.

"No, I didn't. She did. She cheated on me for Jack. Ask Aphrodite" I reply.

"You lie, sea spawn. Aphrodite, tell me the boy is lying." Snapped Athena.

Aphrodite sighs. "He speaks the truth Athena. Your daughter cheated on Percy for Jack Forrester. I felt his heartbreak and it pained to see such a good man's heart broken."

Athena looked in disbelief, as well as many of the gods. Athena was rarely wrong. She looked at me with hatred. She was never wrong.

"At least she made the right choice, that spawn of the sea is a much better man than you are" Athena countered.

Surprisingly, the Queen of the Gods spoke up "Face it Athena, your child made a mistake. I am the goddess of Family, and I know that it was a mistake. Jack is a selfish, arrogant, and stupid man. While Perseus here is not my favorite, he has shown devotion, sacrifice, and courage to your spawn, who never returned it."

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