Memories (Chapter One)

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February 2/4/18 UPDATE: Okay, this story's been through a lot. It's been written, discontinued, put on hiatus, and now it's in a gray area. I am deciding whether to finish the story or not, but that all depends on if people want it back.  Also for this chapter, the format is messed up, and for some reason, I can't edit it. The beginning chapters are rough, but evolve overtime, just as a bit of a warning.

Sorry for this rant at the beginning of the book, but there's a lot of weird stuff going on. :P

Enjoy, I guess.

Darkness. It was everwhere. No matter where you went, darkness always was there, however, when there is darkness, there must always be light.

Perseus Jackson aka Percy, Hero of Olympus, Slayer of the Nemean Lion, Minotaur,, Medusa, Bane of Giants, and lastly, The destroyer of Kronos and Gaea. Percy woke up in his cabin, feeling ready and pure as he always was. After the Gaea event, monsters and titans all knew the name Percy Jackson. Titans had set up bounties on Percy's head, but since he lived in Camp Half-Blood, no monsters could touch him. The seven had basically all seperated, while they were still friends, they were not as close as they were before. Nico resided in the Underworld, always talking to Bianca, Jason and Piper lived in Camp Jupiter with Reyna. Leo constantly worked with his father, Hephaestus and making all sorts of inventions. Thaila was still a Hunter, although she had gained more hatred towards men, she did respect people like Percy, Jason, Leo, and Frank. Speaking of Frank, he and Hazel were doing great, they traveled around the world, since Hazel basically forced Frank to finally open up and explore. Now that leaves Percy and Annabeth, who both lived in Camp-Half blood, training the dozens of new demigods coming in from all over the world. Grover was always busy finding demigods and being Lord of the Wild, but he did talk with the group time to time.

Life seemed good for Percy, until it happened. After waking up, Percy and the rest of the group were summoned to Olympus. The council all sat on their thrones watching the demigods.

Zeus spoke first " Demigods, you all have accomplished impossible feats that shall not go unnoticed. We the council have agreed to give each of you one wish, it may be anything in our power, even if you wish to become gods."

The seven all looked shocked, and they all nodded their heads.

"Jason Grace, my son, I offer you godhood, you shall become the god of Courage, Thunder, and secondary god of Lightning, as you shall gain a portion of my domain." Said Zeus.

Jason looked at Piper, he couldn't leave her, and as good as godhood was, it is not worth Piper. The gods all sensed this and Aphrodite responded " She will also be offered the same gift of Godhood, do not fret, she will still be will you"

To this Jason nodded "Yes". Zeus looked at him with pride, as he chanted a spell and fired a beam at Jason, creating a smoke cloud. Once the smoke dissapated, Jason had become a god. This process repeated, as Piper became the Goddess of charm, secondary goddess of love and beauty. Leo became the god of Forges, Metalwork, and secondary god of Fire. Frank had become the God of Life, Spirit Animals, and Weapons (insisted upon by Mars.) Hazel had become the goddess of the Undead, Riches, and Graves. (Frank is now terrified of his girlfriend, and made a mental note never to get her mad) Nico had shared the domain of Undead, was the god of Greed (surprisingly) and secondary god of the Underworld. Thaila now was the goddess of Clouds, Determination, and electricity.

This left Annabeth and Percy to choose their wishes. Annabeth went up to the council first. She could not wait to become a goddess, all her hardships would finally pay off. Athena looked at her daughter with a smile, and spoke " Annabeth Chase, I bestow upon you, the domains of Architecture, and Knowledge. Will you accept?"

Annabeth was stunned, she did not hesitate to say "Yes, of course!" As she said this, Athena granted her the domains.

To say Percy was shocked was an underrstatement. He thought Annabeth would say no with him, she knew he would say no too. Percy did not want to become a god, he wanted to live life to its fullest and die, reuniting him with his friends who had fallen in battle. Percy looked at Annabeth with tears crawling up, but not enough to break the dam. Annabeth realized that Percy would not choose godhood, but she decided that Godhood was worth more than Percy.

"Why Annabeth? I thought you would have stuck with me till the end? After all I did for you?" Percy said in a cracking voice.

Annabeth replied " I do love you, but Percy, even you must know that godhood is something I cannot refuse. I don't regret my choice at al-" Annabeth was interrupted as Poseiden called Percy to the Council.

Percy was hurt, each of those words stung worse than any blade, he had gone through tartarus with her, survived all the prophecies with her, yet she gave him up for Godhood, when he had done the opposite for her before.
When Percy made it to the Council, Poseiden spoke " Son, I offer you, the hero of Olympus, the strongest Domains I have to offer. You shall be made the god of Tides, Waves, Heros, Loyalty, Water, Swordsmanship, and will serve in my army as Commander." Percy wanted to say yes, but he could not, he owed it to the people who had fallen, Charles, Silena, Bianca, Zoe, Micheal, Ethan, and all the fallen demigods who had fallen.

Percy hesitated and annouced "No." Gods And goddesses all started chaos, until Zeus shouted "SILENCE. Perseus Jackson, you refuse our generous offer a second time? You even would abandon your friends and your maiden?" Zeus shouted. Poseiden looked at his son with disappointment, he had hoped he would have been wise.

"Lord Zeus, I mean no disrespect, it is just that I do not want to be Immortal, I would like to live peacefully, and be reunited with those who have been lost long ago. However, I would like to use my wish. I wish for all peaceful titans to be released, Calypso is still stuck on that Island, and I also wish for Lord Hades and Lady Hestia's thrones to be restored back in Council. "

The gods all spoke to each other in their minds, eventually they finished, and Zeus spoke " Your wishes shall be granted" Zeus snapped his fingers, and two thrones rose up. One was an obsidian throne with skulls and green fire blazing from it. The second throne was a wooden one with red cloths embroided in it, and the seat radiated a cozy feeling. Hestia and Hades both headed towards their new thrones. Hestia hugged Percy in a bear hug, and Hades looked at Pecy with respect and gratitude.

Zeus finished the ceremony by informing the demigods that they were to become minor gods and goddesses, and their full power will be acheived in the next few centuries. For now, they had some power over their domains, but when they get older, they will have more control over their power and utilize it. For now, the demigods were practically the same, they were slightly stronger, except Percy, they would not see much change in their power until the next few hundred years. But they all were Immortal, except Percy.

After the ceromony ended, the heros all were teleported back to Camp-Half blood. Percy was ambushed by shouts "WHY DID YOU NOT ACCEPT GODHOOD?" Shouted all heroes at Percy.
" I already told you all why in the Throne Room." Replied Percy softly.

After a long arguement, the group split to return to their homes. They all thought Percy was a Fool for turning down godhood. The only people left were Percy and Annabeth. They were still in a relationship, however Annabeth would eventually pass on, since Percy would just grow old. Percy and Annabeth both kissed and returned back to their cabins since it was night. Percy noticed that Annabeth didn't kiss with passion as they did before, maybe this was the end of their relationship? Percy did not want to think about it too much, as he was too tired. He slowly decended into the realm of Morpheus.


Author's note: This is a edit, this is my first story, so it isn't very professional. Over the next few chapters, the writing does get somewhat better. I am not the best writer to ever live, so there are mistakes and maybe a few plotholes. Be free to criticize and correct my mistakes, but don't be unjust. 

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